The Branding Photographer Jade Hicks

AMazon best-selling author and entrepenur

Jade has dedicated herself to boldly interrupting what is expected and championing the driven, ambitious and brilliant. Jade's mission is to tell the stories of her clients authentically, creating strong emotional connections and helping them rediscover their most powerful, uninhibited self.

"I want to help you live your best life shamelessly, audaciously and with conviction."

I'm a woman, a mother & wife, an entrepreneur and an international photographer who has dedicated herself to helping you discover your most powerful, uninhibited self. Telling your story genuinely to create strong emotional connections both with your audience and within your self.

I had struggled all my life with my fluctuating weight holding me back from truly living fearlessly and shamelessly. 

I have made it my mission to disrupt the norm and audaciously interrupt what is expected to give my clients what they want both in business and in pleasure. Over my years of running businesses, working with professionals all over the world and generally negotiating myself through life; I have made a lot of mistakes
I've learnt a LOT of lessons and every time have picked myself up and brushed myself off and reignited my drive for living my best life.

By learning to grow, evolve and create every opportunity I want, it has helped me to provide a better, stronger and more focussed service for my clients. 

Now I bring all that knowledge to you in my brand new signature service; 

S E C R E T  S H O O T S.

I strongly believe...

all people can uncover, discover and celebrate their unique magnificence - shamelessly.

that the true power of a positive mind can never be taken away by an internet troll.

I believe in trusting your gut, it is always right! and being careful what negativity you think and say, after all you are always listening.

I always carry 2 shades of lipstick.

Live for today exactly how your future best version of you would

A conversation full of love in the mirror is the BEST start to the day.

If the status quo doesn't work for you, go above them all and create your own.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Secret Shoots and what inspired me to create the concept, please feel free to reach out to me personally by any of the below contact methods (my favourite is the old fashioned way of picking up the phone!) and let me know whether you love By Day or By Night. 

With anticipation, much love xo 

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