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sick of feeling embarrassed when you hand out a business card or send someone to your website, because you know your branding isn’t right?

tired of hearing tumbleweeds every time you post online, as your followers just scroll on by the posts you’re working hard to write?

struggling to stand out among the online noise and the hundreds of other businesses that look just like yours?


 If this sounds familiar, then you already know how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd when you’re just starting out.

That’s what inspired me to create the 5 Day Stand Out Brand Challenge

Because when you have a Stand Out Brand, you can:


🔥 Feel great about putting your business out there

🔥 Charge what you’re worth with confidence

🔥 Attract the right customers and help more people

🔥 Get the recognition you deserve for the expertise you’ve worked hard to build


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What She Said…

One of my biggest AHA moments was realizing what my unique selling points were and what would potentially make me different and make people confide and want to work with me.
— Jenny M
I wasn’t sure it would be useful as I have done some of this before but I was so surprised by the new things I discovered about how I want to be perceived and its given me so many new ideas and thoughts
— Becca P
I was so surprised about the fact that I had my brand focus and identity the whole time but needed to rediscover it and really define my audience. The clarity I now have about who my audience are and not having to try and be everything to everyone is a real game changer for me.
— Saphron L
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