Jade hicks the branding photographer

Secret Shoots - with Jade Hicks

“Minimise your content creation as a professional and entrepreneur.

Effortlessly have your monthly content sorted!”


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Pre Shoot Consult with Jade Hicks - plan the exact shots you need,  unlimited advice from Jades experience, prep for your makeup artist, styling your session, editing help and advice and discuss the best ways to use your images to up level after your shoot.

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Option to Share your Shoot - The Limited edition shoots are double the length of our UK photoshoots so the ideal opportunity for you to half the cost by sharing your session with a friend. 

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Professional Hair and Makeup Artist - Arrive 30 mins before your shoot time to be prepped and primed. 

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Limitless amount of Items / Outfits / Looks / Poses- fetch as much as you want to be photographed during your session. 

Luxury Handpicked locations with incredible amounts of variety for your session. 

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Unfiltered access to Jade's unique wealth of experience and expertise of photography and branding.

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Unedited Images Ready to be put into your own unique editing process - how many is up to you, the more prepared you are before your session the more images we can create the more variety you will end up with. We will run through exactly how to achieve the quantity you want during your Pre Shoot Consult.