What is Street Style?

What is Street Style?

Hey guys! So in todays episode we are exploring the term Street Style.

Here are a couple of questions i’ve had come in:

I see the term street style in the comments of a lot of Fashion bloggers, what does this mean?

What is Street Style?

Street style traditionally focuses on people and their behaviour in public. It, traditionally, is a candid style of photography. Catching people and their natural behaviour and reactions as they go about life.

More recently Street style has been used within a fashion context, creating a connection between surroundings, look and feel and the behaviour of a person, in that candid type manner.

Bloggers as synonymous for shooting a lot of their photos in the “street style” way, candid, showing what someone is doing and pre styled. But instead of shooting random occurring events and people it has now has a different take.

Personally, I think that the blogger photography, instagram influencer shoots that are now widely consumed all over the internet are a mixture of a lot of styles of photography.

Fashion photography - sells a lifestyle

Editorial photography - sells a story

Street Style Photography - sells an experience.

It is the perfect mixture of these three styles that create the connection you get from seeing an awesome blogger photo.

Knowing the image draws the consumer into the story, the story of how they have styled that outfit and how they are off living their life in a way the viewer would love to be is the fashion / editorial section.

But the twist given pairing that story with the styling around town and caught in that as if they didn’t know you were there way - that is from street style and it is what makes blogger photos so alluring.

So, how can you start to include elements of street style in your own blog photography regardless of whether you shoot fashion or not?

Well here’s my top tips:

Include contrast - If you have a great location which is quite rugged and raw then shoot something pretty and light here.

Think outside the box - Street style is all about the natural unscripted behaviours of people - if you haven’t got a professional photographer you work with yet, try using your iPhone to record a video of you doing you at a location - whatever that might mean for you - and then you can take stills from the video of the most off guard, natural and connecting moments.

Want to know more about Street style photography?

The current style we see really hasn’t been around all that long, for me it is a combination of street, fashion and editorial and it has been a “thing” for around the last 10 years.

But street style photography has been around a lot longer than the version we have come to love now in 2019.

I LOVE the life and work of a renowned NY based photographer, Bill Cunningham. Who to me, really is the pioneer behind street style photography coming to the forefront.

Long before instagramable was a term.

He wrote for the NY times, his column On the streets really was a huge influence on photographers all over the world.

His vocation was looking for beauty but without ever conforming to one definition of it. He was all about focusing on unique fashion and style of individuals - it’s all about the attitude which i’m sure you will agree is a huge theme in the street style shoots we see now.

For me, I always think Bill made the documenting of clothes into a celebration and thing of joy for everyone and anyone to join in with and we know how fickle and clicky the fashion world can seem, he really made every outfit every look approachable and real to everyone,  which in part is why he will always be so well known, loved and simply Iconic.

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