What Is Branding And Why Should I Care?

What is Street Style?

Hey guys, today’s episode is talking about all things branding for bloggers.

I’m asked tonnes of questions all the time around the importance of creating a brand as a blogger and what specifically that means - branding?


Let’s look at the basics of Branding for bloggers

What is a brand?

A brand, by definition means something manufactured by a particular company under a particular name and a distinguishing mark.

So to put that into relatable terms, a brand for a blogger is the product or service they are known for and the unique identity related to it.

What is branding?

The branding is the communication of the brand - it can be visual, logos fonts colours patterns photography etc it can be written, brand message and tone of voice and it can be experiential, you can convey your branding experience by taking your customers on a journey.

For example,

If you are a soap brand - maybe your stores have all the senses covered and therefore take your customers through a real treat of an experience for all their senses plus you have killer customer service and awesome presentation of your products, etc etc etc

its the whole package ok

So your brand is your distinguishing mark, what you do and what you are known for and your branding is how to communicate it.

So what exactly does this do for you?

What is the point in creating a brand and branding for your blog business?

Well there are a few reasons

You get one chance to make a lasting impression.

First impressions count, whether we like to admit it or not - we judge a book by its cover when it comes to businesses online.

If you want readers to take you seriously then you have just 7 seconds to do it!

Make it count

Your brand communicates your personality.

It lets a person know EXACTLY what you are all about.

What you stand for, what you promise and what experience you deliver.

Do you want to come across as can’t be bothered? Or that you don’t value your business as a proper business? Do you think you would see half the stores, brands and businesses YOU buy for not investing in the identity, the experience and the image they put out there?

In simplest terms -

would you be more likely to follow a blogger who has low quality dark and difficult to make out images, no obvious sign of what is it they are blogging about or who they are here to help and no real congruent online presence you can find?  


The blogger who takes time curating and creating crystal clear images, online platforms and their blog presence, so that you know the moment you land on their stuff what they are all about and who it is they are talking to AND you feel like they are friendly, approachable, professional but above all trustworthy with your time and money?

It isn’t about creating the prettiest instagram feed and I don’t for a second want you to think that is what branding means.

It is about creating a business that you have clearly set down foundations for, you know what you’re about and you communicate that, you know who you are talking to and they know you are there for them, you know what you want to achieve and you are actively taking steps in the right direction.

It isn’t about spending thousands to create a bespoke brand when you are just getting yourself off the ground

It is about investing in the knowledge you need to take the time to create a brand that connects with the person you are serving.

Yes awesome branding by a killer professional, and show stopping images again with a amazing professional by your side IS going to elevate your business and really polish and solidify your brand and your position but it is just another step in your journey and in you investing in your business and your brand. It’s not the first step unless you have the capital obviously and want it to be, a DIY brand created from a place of knowledge and clarity is going to set you apart immediately and it’s something that you can invest in doing much much earlier on in your journey. From the day dot to be honest.