The Truth About Boundaries that will blow your mind

The truth about boundaries that will blow your mind

This episode is all about Boundaries because it is one of the BIGGEST lessons I have learnt in my life so far, it’s something that literally crops up with EVERY client I work with and it’s something we all have to work on daily to keep in check.

Boundaries protect us - ok they keep us safe - in the context of your blog business they keep you focused on what you are wanting to achieve and help you stay true to your message and your path your purpose.

Without boundaries any relationship is doomed to be tricky; one side feeling taken advantage of, the other feeling neglected or angry.

Basically creating that bad taste affect.

Now business is full on. And it only made more full on by having relationships that are pushing your buttons, Clients that are finding ways to create problems, Partnerships that are struggling to communicate, Disappointment in a business transaction - maybe a brand isn’t happy with the work you have done or maybe you aren’t thrilled by the brand demanding new things from an old arrangement.

Whatever it may be it really can make life very challenging if your boundaries are not firmly in place at the beginning of any relationship

What you’ll learn

  • What are boundaries?

  • How do I create boundaries?

  • Mindset tips and tricks to creating healthy boundaries

  • How having healthy boundaries leads to happiness and success

  • Easy exercise to help create your own boundaries