How to 10X your chances of amazing blog collabs this year?

Take a look at your online presence, your website social media etc and

Ask yourself this question... (caution this may come with incredible blogging success!)

Does it all look, sound and feel consistent?

Yup you heard me right is it consistently appearing the same way?

In this show we understand everything you need to know about creating consistency to achieve your goals.

Sound far fetched?

Here's what you need to know;

The foundations of everything you stand for as a blog, as a business, is all wrapped up in a package called your brand.

People see it first, people hear it first, people feel it first, the experience the emotion you give them with not only your brand identity - colours, fonts, images - but with the way YOU make them feel.

Here’s what you’ll learn in todays show:

  • The #1 mistake I see bloggers making when they “brand” their blog

  • The most overlooked part of nailing down those big brand collaborations

  • How to get started up-levelling your blog brand partnerships in one easy step!

  • How loyalty builds trust and trust is worth more than £££$$$

  • Sponsored posts for new bloggers - the #1 thing you need to know!

  • How to turn your blog into a brand - Easily!