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What is a personal blog and how do I become a personal blogger on Instagram?

What is a personal blog and how do I become a personal blogger on Instagram?

Today I had a question come in about what exactly is a personal blog? And how can you have a personal blog on instagram?

People blog for a huge variety of reasons

Terms seem to cause a bit of extra noise to distract people from making the decision to jump in and get on with writing about their passion so the purpose of this episode is to cut through that noise and get these terms cleared up and out of our way!!

So the term personal blog, i find a lot of people think, refers to writing a diary. A diary on the internet, except instead of it being locked and under your pillow it's open for anyone and everyone to read.

A personal blog, to me, is more about someone sharing something that has affected them on a personal level, that fulfils a personal purpose to them.

So for example,

Maybe you are a celebrity and you are in movies, you are always playing a character and in reality your audience and your fans don’t know that much about your personally, we all know A listers are great at being in the public eye lots of the time but actually keeping what really is going on in their world under wraps.

Well if this person decided to start blogging about something, maybe they are battling an illness or they have lost a relative tragically, maybe they are really passionate about the planet and so started a blog focused around helping educate people around that. Whatever they decide to write about, because it is coming from the real version of them, not the A list movie version, it is a personal blog.

Let’s make this a little more relatable to you and I

Maybe you are a doctor, but you also want to live more alternatively, maybe you buy a farm or you run marathons and you write your blog about these things.

So, now we understand what the term personal blog means,

let’s look at the different ways you can bring your very own personal blog to life.

  • Host you blog online - exactly as you would any other blog a personal blog is NO DIFFERENT

  • Choose a domain name and brand your blog

  • Set down the purpose of your blog, who you are and who you are writing for.

  • Write relevant content that your readers love!

  • Plan how you want to monetise your blog - what is your goal? Maybe you want to fund a foundation to support something you personally are passionate about - maybe you just want to fund more marathons for yourself? Whatever the goal set it down and work out a route to bring in the income you require!

How can you bring a personal blog to life on instagram?

So before I talk about this I just want to add I believe all blogs should have their own website.

I don’t think piggy backing on one specific social platforms, all your eggs in one basket so to speak, is a sustainable business model.

So please think about creating a website for your blog even if you intend to heavily centre it around instagram.

Instagram is a GREAT platform for personal blogs.

We, as a society, crave real life interaction and we LOVE to get to really know and connect with people.

This is why reality shows are so popular, we literally want to be living your life with you.

That in mind how can you bring that level of connection to instagram for your personal blog?

Well, invite people in!

You are blogging about things you are passionate about - you tell a story with words!

Why not do it visually also?

You can utilise Instagram to literally document your days - if you are living your story your passion every single day, if you are a marathon runner, or you live on a farm or you are battling an illness, every day you have a story to tell - so do just that!

Bring your readers into your head with your written blog content and bring them into your heart with your social media stories.

Please don’t ask me, shall I create a personal instagram account or a business instagram account.

Does it matter?!!

I would ALWAYS create a business instagram account because you ARE A BUSINESS and you get some awesome features with a business account you don't get on a personal one.

My top tips here for creating your personal blog over on instagram is

  • Make sure you build your own site and domain to use your instagram to drive traffic

  • Don’t sweat the tech stuff - personal account business account website hosts etc - just do what works best for you, what you can afford in your budget and what you can actually work without pulling all your hair out!!

  • Up your visual game! - guys without a doubt the most important consideration if you want to bring your blog to life over on IG is that your photography, your videos your graphics and images all need to be ON POINT! The bar is set high on insta - you need to make sure everything you put out represents your brand at the level you expect to be represented - people DO JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! Always aim for the highest quality you can afford and if you think it is good enough then make it better!

How do you grow to your first 1000 followers on instagram?

  • Simple! Show up - be social - and be authentic!

Connect with accounts that have a similar target audience - interact with them and their followers who are engaging - post awesome content and stories that you know they will also love when they come over to check you out and give them a reason to want to follow you!

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