Surprising reasons Blog Ads Suck for Making Money

Blog Ads for monetisation

 Why using Ads in your blog business may not be the best way for you to monetise your blog!

For the bloggers I work with IMPACT is the big driver. They want to have a huge impact on the lives of as many people as possible.

Their blog exists to help others and in order to do this it needs to work for you. It needs to make you feel happy fulfilled and purposeful it needs to light you up when you are working on it.

 This means you need to be seeing results, you need your tribe to be happy or motivated or relaxed whatever your result is to your solution because seeing results means as a by-product you will be seeing income, you’ll be seeing profit.

When someone is thrilled with your solution your unique way of helping them with a problem then they are happy to pay you for that and refer you to everyone else who you can help, and so growth and profitability heightens.

Now for me I have always encourage a non-traditional way of bringing in income bringing in money in blog businesses.

There are a few obvious basic ways bloggers think is going to be the best for getting paid and we are going to talk today about Ads.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What are Ads and how do I use ads to make money in my blog?

  •  How you could easily be repelling the very person you want to attract to stick around on your blog

  • Why you are sending potential sales off into the sunset and how to stop it!

  •  The secret conversion rates that have got you in a pickle!

  •  How to use ads without creating a disruptive and annoying experience for your blog readers

  • The BIG mistake that can send your blog to bed in less than a millisecond!

  •  You biggest ASSET in your blog business tool kit and why you need to keep it safe no matter what!

This episode is the first in a series of 3 debunking the traditional methods of making money in a blog, giving some tips to how to carefully use these methods if you wish and of-course I have lined up some awesome shows for you talking about alternatives to the traditional ways of monetising your blog so don’t forget to hit subscribe so you know the second the next episode is released!