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How can the Fyre Festival make or break your Blog business?

Hey, welcome to Brand Fabulous! Today, we're going talk about how CORE lessons you need to know that can MAKE or BREAK your blog business!

This once in a lifetime experience that never happened, the FYRE FESTIVAL, holds more than one lesson for the budding bloggers and influencers in 2019! You have more than likely read or heard about the catastrophic business failure that occurred back in 2017 when Supermodels, celebs and high level influencers promoted a HUGE luxury event that turned into a nightmare. The fyre festival models have all had to do major damage limitation and publicly apologise to their fans for the misleading content.

What fascinates me as an entrepreneur and service provider is how easily the reputations and loyalty of a tribe can be lost.

As quick as a guy from the USA could post a cheese sandwich in a polystyrene container.
So, I thought i’d jump on the Podcast to run through events and the main lessons you can take away from it as an influencer in your own right,

From this Podcast you will learn:

  • How reputations are made with blood sweat and tears yet fade in the blink of an eye.

  • The ONE tool you possess which will stop anyone from sabotaging your blogging influencer brand.

  • Your Integrity is ALL you have as a blogger and online influencer.

  • One minute you’re the biggest luxury experience in the world the second you’re a Fyre Festival memes

  • Influencer instagram photos have POWER, with that comes huge responsibility.