How to create scroll stopping Social media photography for bloggers.

How to create scroll stopping Social media photography for bloggers.

Hey guys, in today's episode we are talking stopping the scroll with amazing custom photography, specifically for bloggers.

As you well know, my heart sets alight with the word photography so I just love to talk about this subject all. The. time!

And I am always asked;

  • How can I create better photos for social media?

  • How can I make my insta feed look better for my blog?

  • How do I get people to read my social media content?

I put out a podcast called The importance of great blog images for blogging, which covers everything you need to know about finding the right scroll stopping images for your blog.

In todays episode I want go a little deeper with this and start to think about HOW you can create better photos for your blog

Whether you hire a professional and commission the images or whether you shoot your own blog photography, this is going to help you get clear on how you can be creative and achieve better blog photos all round, that you can then use not only on your blog posts but on facebook, twitter, instagram, Pinterest etc etc.

So let's look at what makes a really great image

If you check out instagram right now you will see a huge variety of images available for you to consume.

What is going to make yours stand out?

How are you going to get your blog your business noticed amongst all the others on social?

Well, you have one thing they don’t have.

Yes OK you have me and my blog photography genius but besides that you also have a huge irreplaceable asset.

And that is you.

If you have done the foundational work you know you need to do to really get clear around your blog business, you will know what it is that is so special about you and your business. You will have started or may have even established a brand for yourself.

Whether its a personal brand around you or a specific brand for your blog either way that identity and personality is what is going to help you set yourself apart.

So let's have a think.

What is it that makes you different? As a blog and business or even as a person?

Are you really contemporary with a vintage minimalist twist.

Maybe you are so friendly you are known for leading with a smile and really encompass that into everything you do.

Maybe you are very logical and you apply this to all areas of your life and business.

Whatever it is that makes you and your business different take some time to note it down because this is the feeling, this is the drop of gold dust we need to include in EVERYTHING you create.

Once you have this figured out then creating your images is much easier.

Here is a few tips to help you nail every image you create or commission for your blog and social media:

  1. Think outside the box

    What can you say that is very strongly opinionated? That is a really stand point? Bring this into your images when you really want to have impact.

  2. Keep your branding top of mind

    When you have been through a branding process you know lots of key elements that visually you want to be communicating. Make sure whenever you put out an image you always keep your brand values, personality and experience at the top of your mind so that it shines through! People love you and your business for exactly that reason - its you and your business!

  3. Give your views an experience

    Create something that makes them think, makes them talk, makes them feel.

  4. Create a distinguished look

    I know this sounds like it really should be lumped in with branding but actually I think this point deserves its own spotlight. Whether its an editing process or the way you like to pose / light images with a distinct style have much more impact and conversational quality.

  5. Tell a story!

    Make your viewers want to know more. I have always said photography is the story of a single moment. You can create series of similar images that tell a longer story but unlike video which is more the story of an experience, photography gives you the power to drop a tiny little bread crumb that you can then make your viewers want to follow. What story are you telling in your image? What questions do your viewers have when they see your images? What are you making them want to do? What are you having them experience from the story you are telling?

My biggest rule of thumb is quality over quantity.

Having an amazing concept idea for a marketing campaign doesn't require 1000’s of different images.

Find a concept that stops your readers in their tracks and then keep on doing it!

I think the most important note to take away from today's show is its 2019 guys.

Photography, images, videos and visuals online need to be IMPACTFUL and EXCITING.

Mediocre won't cut it anymore. There are too many beautiful images of waterfalls in tropical countries that are going to stop the scroll way before a mediocre image that someone can't work out what the purpose of it is will.