How mindset is the foundation of creating the life you want

how mindset is the foundation of creating the life you want

Today, for the Sunday Story Share, I'm joined by Madhura Joshi, and Madhura is gonna share how mindset is the foundation of creating the life you want.

Hello. Thank you so much, Jade. I'm so excited to be on the podcast this week with you all and all your listeners. So a bit about myself. I'm a mother of two. I actually just had a baby nine weeks ago, and mindset for me has been huge, because my story starts kind of when I was very young. I was abused at the age of four through my babysitter's cousin, and that took a huge toll on my life without me knowing the damage as I went on.

And I had to do a lot of mindset work. And as I grew up, there was a lot of anger, hurt, all kinds of stuff that I had to deal with myself. And as I progressed through life, I dove deep into a deep depression because of it and had to undergo a lot of counselling, a lot of figuring out how to not feel so alone, not feel so afraid and fearful. And one big thing after that, and once I figured that out, I found that I was able to kind of come out of my depression. Not necessarily fully heal myself, because I don't necessarily know that you're always fully healed, but found ways to cope and manage it.

And as life progressed a little bit later, graduated university, got my first job. Unfortunately, or fortunately, because I always find that everything that has happened in my life has been a blessing, it hasn't been ... life has not worked against me, it works for me. Even with what happened to me as a child, because now I'm able to speak about it and help others realize you can come out on the other side stronger than ever, no matter what the circumstances has been.

And so once I graduated from university I got myself my first job, and I fell, I actually slipped on ice and severed the nerve system through my left leg. I was 25 at the time, and doctors couldn't figure it out. And of course this was while I was working, so there was a lot of red tape, working through worker's compensation board, so nothing was really able to ... I wasn't able to find the solution as quickly as I would've liked, which caused me to get into a pain cycle, which caused the issue to progress, and make it a hundred times worse than it actually was meant to be, had we caught it early enough.

But because of that doctors then said, "I'm sorry, you probably won't be able to ever walk again." And I was forced to use a cane, or crutches, and then moved to a cane, and at 25, not going to lie that really felt like "Oh my God, this sucks, how am I going to find a job? What am I going to do, I'm going to be using a cane?" And even though, yes, society is very open, a lot of times if you walk into an office interview with a cane people are not very receptive to you, to offering you the job, regardless of what your educational background or what your experience is.

So doctors then told me, "Hey, you know what? I'm sorry, but you're going to be on this medication, you're not going to use a cane." And yeah, so that was a huge, huge to me, in trying to figure out okay, well how do I change this around, how do I change my circumstances, so that I can ensure that I move forward, not move backward? Because I did, and I did have a pity party and all that, but I finally realized that you know what, this is not serving anybody, I'm not moving forward, and if I want to change my life I've got to do it.

And I forgot to mention, actually, I went too far forward, while I was in university it was the first time I was away from home, and I found that my grades actually weren't up to snuff and the university said, "You know what? Sorry, but you're going to have to take unclassified, we're going to kick you out of the program," so I actually had to work double as hard as the other students because I had to get myself back into my program so I could graduate. And even that, that taught me how to move forward, what I was able and capable of. Because I refused to just give up, something inside me told me, "You know what, I just can't give up."

And that has kind of been the theme I guess of my life, is I just can't give up. Nothing is going to stop me from hitting that next plate. Even though I didn't do it consciously I guess, I found the pattern as I looked back over my life, but I just found that not giving up, constantly pushing forward no matter how hard it may seem, really got me to move forward.

And now when I started my coaching business, and I know Jade, as you probably know, starting your own business is a whole new ball game, because you really get to know yourself on a whole new level. And that's how I discovered that really not giving up, and no matter what happens in your life it's either a lesson or a blessing, because you learn from it, you learn from it and it allows you to grow, and if you don't have those lessons in life you can't grow into the person that you're meant to be.

And so that is really what got me to the point of getting into coaching. Because I did the corporate side, I did all of that, however I found that I wasn't able to help people the same way as I'm able to do now, because the politics of the office and all that. And even though I was a recruiter at the time, before I had got laid off, again, another kind of blip in my road, or a bump along the way. I was coming off my maternity leave and got let go, because the market crashed and the oil and gas industry here in Calgary, Alberta kind of went downward. They didn't have a position for me, so I had to figure out again, what could I take from this to move forward?

And did a lot of soul-searching ... pardon me, my voice is going. But did a lot of soul-searching and found, okay yeah, what's the lesson here? What is the blessing here? And it truly was a blessing. It was a blessing because my son was a year old, he wasn't really ready to be left with anybody else, he was very, very attached. And so I was able to then create the life, and create my environment in such a way that I was able to stay home with him, I was able to still build my business and my coaching practice.

I think the biggest thing for everybody listening on this call is to remember: no matter how hard a situation is, no matter what you're feeling at the time, it is truly a lesson or a blessing, each and every situation. And life is working for you. You're not meant to be on this planet, you aren't put on this planet to suffer and struggle, in a negative fashion. Each obstacle, or each situation that might seem like it's going against you is really not, it's there to help you grow and to step out into the next level of your life.

In every situation I've faced, coming from childhood up until present, once I switched my mindset and realized that life has been so much better. And yes, don't get me wrong, it's been up and down, but I take everything, I thank God, the universe, whoever you want to speak to, whoever you're in connection with, I thank that [inaudible 00:09:59] spirit for giving me that, so that I can get out of my own way, it allows me to see more clearly.

So really, if you can take anything away in how to start your week, highly, highly, highly suggest look at your life and see all the blessings, because it's filled with them. And realize that life is not meant to go against you, life is not all about, "Oh my God, my life sucks, it never goes right." Once you switch that mindset everything changes. Everything changes. It's like a magic switch in a sense, it just changes how you view your life, how situations unravel, because it's truly what helped me to create the life that I have right now, and it's a magical place. You can probably hear my little guy in the background.

But that is really what I would love for the listeners to take away from this to start their week is don't look at every situation as, "it's against me, it's against me, it's against me." Take it as, "what am I learning from this? How can I grow from this? How can I use this to get me to the next level?" Because each and every situation in your life is a lesson, or it's a blessing. And usually they're kind of intertwined. So that is really what I want them to take away from this week, what I want you guys to really sit with for a little bit, to help you look at your week differently.

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