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From working with bloggers all over the world, and in fact entrepreneurs on the whole, I have very quickly learnt that mindset and visibility and two of the most crucial factors to building any successful blog or business.

One of my favourite business mindset for entrepreneurship quotes is

“Mindset is everything, Life, nutrition, fitness, business it's all 20% Skill Set 80% Mindset”

Dr Laura Miranda

Why is visibility important to me and my blog?

As a solution provider you have a duty to let your ideal reader your ideal blog followers know you exist. If you don’t show up for your blogging business, how are your blog subscribers supposed to know you are there to help them?

But showing up is easier said than done IF you are overwhelmed with your blog, feeling stressed out with SEO or getting lost in a sea of social media and blog content.

Mindset holds the key to success. Working on your mindset, the habits you have and learning to master your thoughts will FREE you from the clutches of blogging burn out and help you keep on track with achieving your blogging dreams!

So when I got the opportunity to feature leading business and mindset coach for moms Samantha Siffring on the show I jumped at the chance!

We cover everything from:

  • How to create for yourself work life balance

  • Tips for work life balance tips for time management and to help juggle families

  • How to get more blog followers by expanding your blog reach and growing an audience of ideal blog readers.

  • REAL LIFE methods for building your blogging tribe of adoring fans!

Connect with Samantha:

Check out Samantha’s very own Podcast Channel Here: The Badass Mother Podcast


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