How to sell your blogging skills as services?


Throughout March im going to be answering some of the questions I am regularly getting asked and today we are looking at how to cash in on the skills you have because of your blog business.

Today's question is around utilising the skills you have thanks to your awesome blogging and turning them into cash!!

So let's look at the options here;

Bloggers have to learn a LOT of skills in order to carry out their work.

You have to be a writer

You have to be an editor

You have to be a publisher

You have to be a graphic designer

You have to be a photographer

You have to a social media manager

You have to be a content writer

You have to be an administrative genius - manning email marketing, getting back to anyone who inbound emails, writes or calls to you, answering your facebook messages, your twitter DM your insta DM your linkedin inbox

Then you have to be engaging on all your social platforms every time someone comments or just to be seen by your target audience,

You have to be public relations expert - communicating with brands, finding the best places to publish your writing and keeping on top of your media attention.

You have to be a web designer

You have to be a web builder

You have to be an SEO expert

You have to be an accountant and a bookkeeper and you have to be in charge of purchase ledger and credit control.

This is without the day to day tasks of actually tHINKING about what needs doing, creating from the ground up AND actually having time to maybe run your home, family or work another job!


As entrepreneurs we are officially INSANE!

The multitasking and learning of new skills is never ending and the list grows and grows all the time.

So here are a few ideas of how you can monetise some of these skills within your blog business.