How to respond to your inbox of people who want freebies

How to respond to your inbox of people who want freebies

Todays questions is all around email marketing. Specifically how to deal with an influx of inbound messages all relating to content you cover in your blog articles and paid offerings.

So we all know the score, first linda from texas starts emailing in asking for some free advice you have just hit publish on and covered in detail in your latest blog article. So you just reiterate the jist and give her what she wants. Great customer service right shes going to LOVE you for getting to the point and directly taking time out of your day to email her personally back.

Then Susan from houston emails in and she is all asking for advice on her problem that you know you covered a few weeks ago, in detail, in your blog series. But again you send her the info she wants type it all out and give her your best advice. For free. Personally.

Then the next email comes in,

Then the next email, then the next.

And before you know it you have an ibox fuller than the dear deidre page at the local newspaper of people wanting answers to their problem, for free personally by you.

And during this time you blog that you spend hours writing each week, meticulously making sure you are giving your tribe exactly what they need and offering the option of that awesome content upgrade - isn't growing. The subscriber numbers are staying the same measly figure and you just can't figure it out.

You inbox is pinging but your blog posts are dwindling.

What the hell is going on?

Well here's the lowdown, in this episode you’ll learn:

  • The #1 fix you need to start getting to grips with your email inbox!