How to have an AWESOME relationship with your photographer

How to have an AWESOME relationship with your photographer

So today's question is all around etiquette when you hire a photographer.

Obviously for me this one is close to my heart, the last thing I EVER want to see or hear about is a relationship between a blogger influencer business person whoever and a photographer - not working out how was expected.

OK - so the specific question that came in asked about editing images

So the person had used a new photographer who is not a professional or a specialised in influencer blogger  content photography - and the photographer had edited the images in their own style and it was not what the person wanted they obviously wanted them to match in with their insta aesthetics.

The photographer did not want the images to be edited by the client.

This is such a common problem around communication, I see it time and time again with clients who tell me stories of situations that have happened previously.

From the photographer's point of view a contract to specify no alterations for usual portrait work and even some commercial stuff is common practice, however - when you work with bloggers / influencers or even entrepreneurs who are looking for content images for social media you cannot specify they do not edit them, the photos need to be in keeping with their brand.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 3 tips for creating an awesome relationship with your photographer.

  • What NEVER to do when you are booking a pro tog for your shoot.

  • The ONE decision that will make or break your blogger photographer relationship.