How to create services for your blog audience?

3 amazing questions to ask when you create a service for your blog biz

Why Selling Services Makes Sense For Bloggers.

Yesterday we looked at selling products in your blog business today we are talking services.

As a blogger you are building or already have an engaged audience who check in with you  they are loyal and they adore you.

That means they more than likely will buy solutions for their problems from you because they already know like and trust you.

So as a blogger what services can you sell?

What services will you sell?
Coaching sessions / consultations / Administrative / Management services…

For example maybe:

Parenting bloggers may offer coaching on moms trying to juggle work and life

Financial bloggers can help and create budgets and ways of creating incomes

Check out what your readers are asking you?

Are you always being asked for advice on something specific?

Can you create a consulting service around it?

You as a blogger not only have your own unique take on a specific area of expertise like we just spoke through but you also have some AMAZING skills learnt through your wonderful and now very useful blogging journey!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The 6 key services you can easily offer for sale to your blog followers

  • 3 key points to consider when putting together a service offering for your blog business

how to create services for your blog audience