How to create blissful brand partnerships

Creating brand partnerships and sponsored posts for bloggers

Now brand sponsorships seem to be the HOLY GRAIL for bloggers, getting “chosen” by your favourite brands to champion and promote products you love is the aim of the game!

 Brand sponsorships and paid posts are the best way of generating large amounts of income regularly, if you can create a deal with a brand on an ongoing basis then you are golden! 

Sponsored posts, however, can also become the burden of a lot of bloggers lives. For me i’ve worked with bloggers on my secret shoots where we have had to shoot a tonne of items and outfits and bits and pieces that they need to get images of and get written up because brands are paying them to do so, this creates a lot of pressure when you get a bit further down the line in your blog biz and your super busy.  

This episode will cover:

  • Getting into the best habits when thinking about taking on sponsored posts for new bloggers

  • paid blogging for beginners, the SECRETS brands don’t want you to know!

  • This one major tip that will help you supercharge your pitching and blog partnership process

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