How To Brand Your Blog - Logos

How To Brand Your Blog - Logos

Hey guys, in today’s episode we are talking about LOGOS!

Ok i’m going to own up - i literally cant stand logos.

I know i know controversial stand point 102,256 from Jade Hicks

Now I best explain this out before you guys all go burning your PNG files it’s not that I don’t think you should ever have a logo.

I see that logos cause a LOT of problems in the world of business.

Specifically for bloggers who want to start to create a brand identity for themselves.

A brand identity is the visual representation of your brand, so it’s your colours your fonts your photos the style of your business and yes your logo is a part of that.

But it’s a very small part.

And let me give you a little mind shift here

Your logo will not build you a brand.

It’s a part of your visual brand identity but it is not the whole thing.

The problem I see all the time is bloggers, and this isn’t limited to bloggers this happens a lot with anyone starting a business, that so much attention, worry, pressure, importance is placed on creating a logo.

It’s the be all and end all of the business and that simply isn’t true.

If there is one piece of advice I can give you around starting your blog business or even starting the process of creating a brand for your blog business your logo should be one of the last stages.

I know it is super tempting to get caught up in the shiny jobs like design and creating fun stuff and I know it’s also super tempting to DISTRACT yourself by getting caught up in the shiny stuff.

It’s much easier than committing to the process you need to go through to get clarity on your business so you can create a BRAND that connects and attracts rather than just a logo that is on trend and dates as quick as you create it.

So here are my top tips for an awesome logo that REALLY helps your business rather than steals your attention:

1 - Don’t even think of starting to design a logo until you have all the foundations of your blog brand in place

Who you are

Who you are talking to

What you do and what you do differently!

That's just scratching the surface really OK but they are core questions not many people can answer!

2 - When you are ready for a logo think long term

Branding is about consistency.

It is literally the key piece to creating a long term, sustainable business.

So think long term with your branding, maybe you are DIY-ing it for now but think about creating something that you wont want to change in a 12 months.

It is really worth approaching a designer for this to design you something that in the future you can apply a couple of polishing tweaks to as you up level your branding help rather than having to scrap and start again

3 - Your logo does not define you!

It is a way of communicating who you are

You are not defined by it!

You define what it is!

So let that sink in and think about how you want to be seen AND what is going to be instantly recognisable, easy to read and immediately impactful for YOUR ideal reader.

Think about that Big M of McDonald's.

Every time my kids even see half of it they know immediately what they will experience. It excites them.

Think about the Red can of coca cola or the traditional glass bottle

You literally start to mouth water at the thought of it, it relaxes you, you feel like your home;

Think about Disney

You know that it is magical and creative and unforgettable just from a flash of their branding.

So your logo is an important part of your brand identity

But it isn’t the first step, consideration or priority to creating a Stand Out Blog brand.