How Important are Great Blog images?

How Important are Great Blog images

Hey guys, today’s episode is going to be talking through

how important great images are for your blog.

Specifically we are going to be thinking about photography.

So here is a huge thought provoker for you

Right now, you have 6 seconds to make an impression.

If we think of this in terms of social media.

Before you even get chance to have your 6 seconds of fame with a viewer you have to physically stop their scrolling behaviour.

You have to stop them from scrolling on right past you!!

What do you think about that?

So the aim of the game is not only to get people to opt into your blog subscribers.

It’s not just to get them to buy your offering

Before you can do ANY of that.

You have to stop the scroll.


How the heck am I meant to stop people scrolling on past?

How am I meant to get them to want to read my stuff?

Well this is where your images come to play.

If you think of platforms like Instagram, images are all you have guys!!

Weak, boring, weird, dark, unthought through, images aren't going to cut it.

You are up against at i don't want to look but I can't help but look butts and boobs, you are up against perfect sunsets, horizons and travel destinations that leave you frantically searching for your passport, you're up against that 15 tier slice of cake that looks like it is actually made from rainbows themselves.

Plus don't forget at least half a million slime videos, sponges being shaved and yes of course now the tide lapping peacefully at the most perfect shoreline you have ever seen has grabbed your eye.

And that is just a drop in the ocean of the shiny, reality avoiding, mesmerising time wasting stuff that we love to do and see and watch and disappear from what's going on around us for a few moments.

So I know that might have just popped what ever bubble you had left for getting your stuff seen on social media. But it is reality. AND fear not because it does NOT at all mean you aren't able to stand out amongst all that noise, all the distractions all that is going on all the time.

You are.

You can easily stand out.

You can easily stop the scroll of the PERFECT people for your blog

The answer lies in your images, your visuals and your videos.

So back to the question here which was

how important is it to have great blog images?

I know it seems like all i've been talking about is social media, but let's think for a moment.

If you are sharing your link to your recent blog post, what is going to show up on social media?

Your thumbnail - which 9 times out of 10 i’m sure is going to be of an image included in your blog post.

You are also using social media to drive a proportion of traffic to your blog and if not directly posting your blog ONTO a social media platform so the way you show up there visually is hugely important in the answer here.

If you have chosen sub standard images, dark dreary hard to make out or maybe they are good quality stock images but really have nothing to do with the blog post, target reader or the story you are telling - then you are not going to stop the scroll.

Similarly if you are using images within your blog post that aren’t relevant or are of bad quality - lack of creativity, basically not easy for your ideal reader to engage and connect with then you are creating a user experience that is less than satisfactory. And user experience on your blog site is everything!

You don't want these readers to disappear and never visit you again. You want them to know you are the GO TO person for this particular problem and area of expertise and that you are full of amazing ways to solve their problem, offer them connection and too good to be true content ALL THE TIME

Your images ruining their experience by being thrown into the post at the last minute, breaking up the story and not congruently reflecting what you are talking about is basically the same as you chucking in a few spammy looking ads.

It disjoints user experience.

It lets you down as a brand who wants to be known as professional, trustworthy and expert.

It lets down the quality of your site and of your content.

It can immediately turn off the perfect person who actually really wanted your solution but just doesn't get you.

So, now we have seen the damage badly thought out images can do I want to empower you with some solutions!

Here are my top tips for scroll stopping images every single time…

(yes even if you are relying on finding all your images at present on the stock photography websites)

  1. What is the story you are telling?

    If the story is selling adventure and bravery, look for images that communicate this transformation and experience. Maybe you are writing about something creative and fun, look for images that really give that creative look and edge for a viewer.

  2. What is the feeling you are creating?

    Are you looking to help overwhelmed moms keep the kids happy during the 6 week holidays? So stress free and easy, relaxed, under control are all words that you want to radiate from the page. Look for images that help communicate this. Maybe you are looking to inspire someone to get fit in a particular way and so you want them to feel strong, capable and excited. Look for images that really showcase that exact feeling and help create it in your ideal reader.

  3. What is your brand?

    Overlooking whether your images make sense for you and your brand is a huge common mistake I see regularly. Always keep your brand top of mind, what quality level do you want to be known for? Do you think outside the box? Are you a problem solver? Are you fiery and opinionated? Think about this when you choose images so that they not only reflect the story and feeling but also are very well in line with you and what you are all about. The goal here is for the viewer to be able to instantly recognise you and your brand from your images.