How do I make my blog popular and market it?

How do I make my blog popular and market it?

Hey guys on today’s episode I had a question around how do you make your blog popular and the best ways to market it?

So first thing is the answer here is really short.

You make your blog popular by writing content people like.

Ok so I know that might have just made you go Jade for crying out loud we know that.

But do you?

You might “know” it

But are you actually doing it?

Are you writing for your reader or are you writing for you?

I feel like there is a huge big line that bloggers don’t have the luxury of crossing in their blog articles

It’s one that says why should i care and the closer you get to crossing it the further your ideal reader goes from your stuff.

That is what social media and video is for. Crossing the line, getting stronger in your own personal voice and opinion than you can in your actual written articles.

Controversial stand point you think?

I know we say you have to write from your soul and the right readers will magically hear your call and fly in on unicorns to see what you’ve got to say today.

the truth is as I said in a previous podcast, we know how much people love reality tv They want to be part of your life they want to love you or hate you.


In order to get them to the point where they can make that choice, they have to know you exist.

And this really is where your blog articles come into play in their fullest.

People are searching for you, they are searching for a solution to a question.

So you know the best way to help them and show up to answer that question?

It is to actually ANSWER THEIR QUESTION!

Get clear on what they are actually asking out there - and then answer that exactly.

Not what you think they are asking.

That isn’t how it works.

So in knowing you can answer their question when you take the time to figure out what that is specifically

Then they fall in love with you and want to connect with you everywhere possible - this is the ripple effect you want that will make your blog super popular.

It really is that cut and dry.

Write great content answering their exact questions so they can find you

Then stand up and be stronger on your views opinions and expertise all over your social media.

So when they come and check you out they can either love you and connect with you and engage with you, or they can not.

Lets go over my top tips for marketing your blog

  • Create a social profile on wherever your ideal readers hang out the most - top tip here is not to try and be everything everywhere - choose one or two at the most places where you know different variations of your reader are hanging out and stick to them like glue.

  • Write awesome blog content that answers specific questions your readers are on a daily basis asking! Search engines will love you and send a stream of ideal readers your way.

  • Show up on your social media and don’t hold back. Be the you you would be if you were being the boldest, bravest version of you. Make it clear cut who you are and what you stand for. Let your readers make the decision about whether they want to be part of what you are doing or not.

  • Create relationships with other bloggers and business owners with a similar target audience and support one another!

  • BE CONSISTENT - Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were any of the multi million dollar blog businesses out there! Small steps and actions every day will give you results!!! The more consistent and authentic to yourself you are the quicker you will grow.

I know we are always looking for that magic strategy, that secret sauce to getting 1 million ideal readers over night but honestly it does not exist!

It comes down to persistence and consistency and action that is aligned with achieving you your goals for your blog.