How Do Fashion Bloggers Take Their Pictures?

How do fashion bloggers take their pictures

Hey guys on today's episode i’m answering questions all around fashion blogging.

Here is a selection of the questions I have received:

  • How to take fashion photos like a professional & How do fashion bloggers take their pictures?

  • Blogger photography: how to take blog photos with iPhone?

  • how to take your own pictures & how to take style photos plus how to take outfit photos by yourself?

  • How to be a fashion blogger, how to become a fashion blogger on instagram & Most importantly How to be a successful fashion blogger?

Do you really love fashion, writing, photography and blogging, butI find trying to get a good photo of yourself overwhelming and stressful?

It’s easy to think that fashion blogging isn’t for you and who on earth are you even going to ask to take these posed photos of you? Surely you’re going to burn a hole in your friends and family list really quickly when you are shouting out orders on how to hold the camera and when to take the shot!

It seems like the only option is to rope in your partner, boyfriend husband etc to help out and you can see exactly how that is going to go down…

These are common questions I get asked a lot, especially by people who love fashion, love styling and being a bit quirky and different but really feel like fashion blogging is going to lead them down a rabbit hole they are going to struggle to get out of!

Firstly I want to just summarise,

what it takes to be a successful fashion blogger?

This can apply to any area of blogging to be honest it is the same concept:

  1. Find Your Area of Awesome. What is your story and why do you want to share it? What makes you different and relatable?

  2. Pick a blog name. You really can’t beat using your own name, its real authentic and connecting but if you feel like this is the first in a line of businesses that are very specific and different from each other thinking about a name that works underneath the umbrella that is YOU is probably a smart move. Think different, easy to remember and catchy.

  3. Get your Domain. Check out what is available and then nail it down!

  4. Create your visual presence. Depending on your budget, a web designer might NOT be one of your first port of calls. Instead get your branding nailed down and solid and then choose the appropriate web hosting and template / design style that will work for you for now until you have the funds to upgrade.

Working with a pro photographer for high quality images, again this could be budget restricted but don't underestimate the power investing in your photos as quickly as possible can have.

High quality, highly creative highly engaging images for the win so think about the best way for you to bring that into your blog business.

Definitely DON’T SETTLE for low quality shady looking images its just not going to make the cut. So whether you DIY, trade swap or work with a pro quality is key.

  • Plan out your strategy and where you want to go - Are you wanting to reach a specific income goal in the next 3 months? Maybe you are all about the brand awareness right now - whatever it is set it down and then create a strategy to achieve it. Get to grips with which social media channel you are going to use first and learn it inside out. Show up and consistently before you try taking on multi platforms!

Let’s explore the world of blogger photography for fashion bloggers and I will answer some of your blog photography Qs

The world of fashion bloggers is fascinating—from behind-the-scenes of picture-perfect Instagrams to how to successfully grow your social media following.

First up i’m going to answer:

  • How to get the best outfit photos—without having your own personal photographer.

Well, when it comes to blogging, Photography is EVERYTHING!

You shine through your visuals, your personality your attitude your values your creativity the whole package of reasons a person wants to connect with you, instantly becomes apparent when you have great photos and visuals.

If you are looking to work with other businesses, brands etc - your photos are crucial to connecting with them and for them to notice and take you seriously

Finding your niche and style can be really difficult and expensive when starting out a blog, but there are a few ways to get quality photos on a budget:

Here’s a quick tip for taking GREAT iPhone / smartphone shots while you build up to finding a professional to work with:

  • iPhone Photography is a mixture of good lighting, great posing and composition and then awesome post production, editing apps and skill.

  • Find an interesting background preferably in the shade but with lots of open light to the front - avoid squinting from having sunlight shining directly onto your face.

  • Play around with angles and poses until to find a great go to look that you know you can always pull out of the bag when you need it.

The balance at the beginning of your fashion blogging journey will mean you want anyone and everyone to grab shots of you when you are out and about. It will also mean you will need A LOT of photos taking in order to get a great one.

I know it is tempting to ask your husband, boyfriend partner to grab a photo every time you go somewhere that would work with your instagram theme


This can lead to frustrations in your relationship / strains on your personal time and lack of balance in your work and your life.

My top tip for getting good images on the go before you are ready to work with a professional is to get used to the self timer!

I know it can feel weird setting up your camera and as if everyone is looking at you BUT they really aren’t. How much notice do you take of what other people are doing as you are going about your day? It’s important when taking a self portraits that you feel comfortable as this is reflected in the photo, it’s really important you feel comfortable.

Getting used to your self time will mean you can combine this with your new found awesome ability to pose and compose your images with your go to look and easily and much more quickly and effectively take a good shot for instagram, social media etc without burning through your friends and acquaintances list AND causing friction in your personal life.