How to get ultimate blog business growth for success

How to get ultimate blog business growth for success

So today I'm talking about traffic, I'm talking about getting more eyes on your blog, getting more views on your content, growing your subscribers and getting more sales, getting more clients, getting more people excited about your blog.

Now the traffic and the subscribers and the followers and the customers and the sales, that is a result, and it comes from something magical called growth.

So really the thing that we need to focus on here is the growth aspect.

We get a lot of questions emailed in, how do I get more eyes on my blog?

How do I grow my blog Readers?

how do I get more page views?

How do I grow my Instagram followers?

How do I get more likes and comments on Facebook?

All these sorts of questions, I get them all the time.

We really put a lot of weight on numbers, on our metrics, on how many people are liking our stuff, following our stuff, subscribing to our stuff, and although this is great, it's absolutely amazing when you've got these numbers and you've got this huge, engaged audience, and the thing you're missing here is that the part that really matters is the engaged audience okay, the engaged, the engagement, the fact that people are actually talking to you and interacting with you and not just flicking you a quick thumbs up every now and then okay, it means so much more.

Engagement is the key to growth, because if you're putting out content that people love to talk about, if it's starting a conversation, if it's getting people excited, if it's answering a problem and you're getting a lot of reactions from it, be it positive or negative, they're both great because they're both awesome feedback for you to tailor your stuff going forward. That is what is gonna help you grow, okay, that level of engagement, because with engagement becomes more visibility.

If more people are looking, going over to your Google, so say you're coming up on Google, you're getting the clicks through, people are leaving comments, people are sharing that, then you're gonna get seen even more easily, okay.

Same with social media, if you are on Facebook, and you're putting stuff out, people are commenting, answering your question, starting up a conversation with you, then more people are gonna be shown that content, because their Facebook knows that it's valuable to them, okay.

Facebook knows that it's good, and it's got people talking, and that's what they want, they want content that makes people talk, because that keeps them on there, and it keeps them thrilled, keeps them engaged with what's going on.

So, let's go back to what the original question of this was, which was about how can I get more blog subscribers? How can I get more followers? How can I grow my Instagram? How can I get more blog subscribers? How can I get more followers? How can I get more sales in my blog business? How can I create these people into money?

And the answer is to grow, okay, it is to concentrate on growth. And I know that that seems like a very broad and very like okay Jade, you're telling me to grow, don't you think I wanna grow? Like we're trying so hard to grow, we're putting all the right stuff out there, but we just don't seem to be getting that level of growth.

And like I've just said before, the growth comes from when you hit the nail on the head, when you are really talking to the person that knows you are there to serve them, when you're really putting something out that people just desperately are in need of, okay.

So take a moment to think about what content are you putting out at the minute?

So here's a few tips to help you with this growth part of your business, because with the growth becomes everything else, with growing becomes a much more engaged audience that you can then sell to much more easily, you can convert into money much more easily, and they're gonna allow you to have impact on them much more easily, because they trust you.

They're gonna allow you to enter their life with your content and with your products, your services, with your programs, whatever, because they trust you, and they're engaged with you, and they like what you've got to say, they can see that you're gonna help them, okay.

So growth is the key, and here's a few things that can help you in this area. Firstly, is really knowing that what you're putting out is speaking to someone, and I know you hear this a lot, oh speak to one person, really get clear on who you're speaking to, and it's a very ambiguous thing to say, isn't it?

Get clear on who you speaking to? Well what does that mean exactly? Well what it means is what problem are you solving and for who? And why do they want you to solve it, and what does that look like?

So for example, maybe you, I've used this example before, maybe if you're a parenting blogger, and you're reviewing restaurants in a specific area, maybe you're in London and you're reviewing coffee shops where it's parent-friendly, where you can actually get a pushchair through the door, and you're monetizing that by creating a guide, or an app or something that you can have on your phone.

Obviously you're talking to mums with children, mums with multiple children are gonna be an even more engaged audience, because trying to get a twin stroller through the doors is even more tricky than getting a single one in.

Mums with children that have got different ages, so you go somewhere, and you've got something that they can all sit and do, like the more specific you get about the problem and the struggle and why they want your solution, the more you are talking directly to them and the more engaged they're then gonna be with that. I know if I saw something that said best coffee shops in London to get a twin stroller in, that's gonna get me talking, because that is something that I'm thinking about.

I'm thinking oh my goodness, someone's just literally read my mind, I was just thinking today I've been to the cafe, and I couldn't get my buggy through the door, and I just felt so stressed out and overwhelmed, and I ended up having to get a coffee to go, and go and sit at the park, and it just wasn't what I was expecting my day to be. I wanted to sit down for a bit, read my magazine while the kids were doing something.

Think about, look at the depth that I've just given you on that issue.

That is what everybody has, everybody has different problems at different levels, at different stages, and they want you to offer them a solution in different ways. It's just really getting to know who that first person is, that you're gonna offer this solution to, and how you're gonna speak to them, and how they want it presented, what experience they want to have, okay. So that's the first part, really know that person that you're talking to.

The second part to create great engagement, which is gonna lead to amazing growth, is to be where they are, okay.

There's no point putting out, one of my pet peeves, and I know it helps people grow, I understand that it plays a part in your numbers growing, what I don't see happen very often is it playing a part in your monetization, okay, and that is going and blogging engagement groups and getting blog posts shared, and you're getting different eyes on them. And I understand for SEO, and for all different reasons it can be really handy to have the extra page views and get the comments and stuff, but let's roll that right back to basics. Why are you putting your blog out there? You're putting it out there to help somebody, and in turn you're gonna monetize, you're gonna have a financial reward for this.

So if you are wanting to help someone, that specific person, are you helping them by putting it out to a sea of people that are not related at all to what this person is struggling with?

Yes, it may in the short-term help you get that more stretch, that widespread reach, but if it's not a widespread reach in the same people, it's like if I had 20 pink Smarties, and I chuck them into a bowl of all mixed color Smarties right, but I wanted to target the pink ones, and I've chucked them into a bowl of 2000 other Smarties, and there's 20 pink ones in there okay. Or if I chuck that same 20 pink ones in there, alongside another 10 multicolored ones, the concentration of the right people is much, much greater, much, much stronger, and you're not floating about in a sea of loads and loads of other people that really just are irrelevant, don't matter, don't care what you've got to say, and you don't really care to help them, they're not who you're here to serve. Does this make sense?

So really thinking about where your people are hanging out, so if you're in Facebook groups, or if you're hanging out on LinkedIn, or maybe you're over on Twitter, or maybe you're networking in person, going to places where you know they are, so that you can communicate with them, and you can show up for them and get their feedback on the stuff that you're putting out, because that is what is gonna really like supercharge you.

And that's leading me onto my third tip, which is get the feedback, okay, do the research and get the feedback. Do the research on the people that you are wanting to talk to, that you know you have a solution for, and then get the feedback on what they think, whether they're engaging with your stuff in the first place, whether it's oh my goodness, I never thought about it like that, or whether it's like no, that's completely off the mark, it's not what I'm looking for, or well you know I've got like 15 different people telling me this same thing, you're not telling me anything new, okay.

Get the feedback, and then tailor what you're putting out there to suit, okay, because at the end of the day yes, you are going out as yourself, and it's your own business venture, and it's your own blog, it's your own words, it's your own creativity, but if you want to monetize, you've got to serve somebody, you've gotta put that service first.

That person is much more important than you putting it out in a way that you think they're gonna like. You really need to know how to directly just nail it with their problem and with what they're looking for right now, okay. So they're my three tips really, for getting the engagement and ultimately that growth that you are looking for, but again, not that hugely, ridiculously unconcentrated growth that's got like one ideal person in 100,000.

It's this concentrated down growth that you might only grow by 50 followers in a year, but all 50 of them are ideal, they're engaging with you from the start, they're ready to buy your stuff, it's the difference of knowing quality over quantity, and I say this a lot, in a lot of different areas, because it's really, really a hugely important part of business and of creating a sustainable and profitable business going forward, that actually serves people.

So that was today's, I hope you enjoyed it, I hope it helps you, I hope it helps frame your mind into a different place about what you are really prioritizing when you're thinking I wanna get more eyes on my blog. What does that exactly mean? Does that mean you wanna get the vanity metrics of a million page views? Or you wanna get a hundred people that are gonna read it, that are then gonna go on and buy your stuff, or become an engaged member of your audience and a raving fan? Where is you mind at when you're setting down these goals for yourself?

Tomorrow we're gonna talk all things inspiration, and we're gonna talk about overcoming discouragement, which I know a lot of people suffer from and have crop up every now and then, and keeping that enthusiasm going for what you're doing. So that's tomorrow's video, and I look forward to seeing you then, much love.