How to nail your focus for ultimate productivity in your blog business

how to nail focus for ultimate productivity

Hey guys, so today I'm talking about focus. I know that focus is something that's like this elusive, golden chalice for entrepreneurs. We're always thinking, we need to focus, we need to get focused on what we're doing. And it can be really difficult sometimes just to get motivated, let alone really narrow down your focus and crack on with actionable, and steps that are actually gonna make a difference on daily basis.

So that's why I wanted to talk to you today, really. We spoke about consistency yesterday, and how that is really important in your business, it's the key to success. But the struggle and the stumbling block that was presenting itself around actually being consistent, actually carrying out consistency with conviction, and bringing it into your everyday life.

So, today, the secret to being consistent, the secret to having all of this stuff in your business, and being effective with everything that you do, is to work on your focus, and really understand what steps, and what actions you take on a daily basis, that are going to make a difference, make an impact, in your blog, in your business going forwards.

So, I've broken this down into three top tips, three key areas, really, that, if you can master these places, if you can put your time and your effort and your energy into these things, then your focus is gonna come much, much more easily. It's gonna make it really easy for you to establish what you need to do on a daily basis, to really get clear that what your doing, every single time you're doing something, you're working in your blog business, is gonna make a difference.

Three things, the three areas that I believe are the most important, and the things that you really need to work on. Number one is really prioritize.

Learning to prioritize and know what is important for you, what is important for your business, what is important for your readers right now.

So let's go back to that consistency example that I used yesterday, around knowing what people want you to put out and putting stuff out in a way that your readers actually want to consume it.

So, you know, if you wanna put our 15 posts a month, and it's killing you to do that, and your readers only really wanna read one post a week, if that, and they're happy to chill out with you on Instagram Stories everyday, and then catch maybe one main big blog post a week, or it may be even one a month. That's where they're feeling happy. It's really getting that balance of understanding how best to serve those people. And this is the same with the priorities in your business.

So, yeah, we've gotta do it all with consistency, we've gotta show up with consistency. But prioritize where your most important things, your most important tasks, lie. So, for example, maybe your priority, right now, is growing your Facebook audience. And to do that, you wanna show up with a really quick video every single day. That is your priority, to get that one video out every single day.

That is your priority. Not to put out 20 different posts on Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter, and LinkedIn, because your focus, because your priority, is within that Facebook audience, right now.

Maybe you're trying to nurture a group and get people to move over from your Facebook profile, your Facebook business page, into a group. And that really is where your focus wants to be right now. Get to grips with what your priorities are. And this doesn't just have to be a business thing, okay. Sometimes, in our businesses, in our lives as entrepreneurs, knowing what we need on a daily basis, is also a priority.

So, maybe you're a mom, or you're working full time alongside your blog, alongside your business at the minute, and you still need some time for you. You need some time to be able to keep your creative juices flowing, to be able to keep your enthusiasm for what you're doing, and to be able to serve people with 100% of your energy.

So, what do you need for you? What is a priority for you? And this could be monthly, weekly, daily, hourly. Whatever feels most right for you, I feel like you need to start taking the time to prioritize what you need and what is most important in your business right now.

This leads me nicely on to my second tip, second area, to really narrow in and hone down on your focus. And this is creating a non-negotiables.

So, for me this is a practice that I do myself. It's something that I've found super, super valuable in managing my children, my home life, my businesses, everything that I've got going on, and making sure that I'm giving everything, when I'm showing up for it, 110% of me.

Because what I was finding was I was spread thin on the ground. I was doing everything. But I was doing it half-heartedly. I wasn't showing up 100%. I wasn't behind whatever I was doing 100%. And that was happening in several different areas in my life. And I see it happen with clients, time and time again, where you're just spread too thin on the ground.

So I created something called my non-negotiable list. And what this is, and I actually do this on a daily basis, I do not do this in advance, because I don't know, until I get to that day, what, for me, is gonna feel non-negotiable, what, for me, is gonna feel most achievable, on that exact day.

So I stopped putting pressure on myself by doing it in advance and going, well, this is my priorities for the week. We get that all laid and down. This is what we wanna achieve this week. This is where we're going. These are the things that need doing. And this is the overall bird's eye view look at what I've got going on. But this is my non-negotiables. And I will literally get up on a morning and do my morning stuff, and then look at my list, and go, what is non-negotiable for me today? What is the main priorities for me today? What, no matter what, if a meteor hit my office today, what have I got to get done? What is gonna make me feel most lit up to do? And what is the most important step?

So, if I've got a big shoot coming up, and I know that there's some shoot preparations that need doing, then that is on the non-negotiable list. If I know that I've got a load of client calls that day, maybe two or three client calls, then I know that getting them calls done and being there for them people is the most important thing. Maybe it's just a day of lots of different marketing activities, and the most important, non-negotiable thing for me is to get on and record you a video like this.

Whatever it is, it needs to go on your non-negotiables list. And no matter what, you know that that, even if you're doing it in pockets of time throughout the day, that that is getting done. And then similarly, I have that same non-negotiable list for me too. It doesn't spread into just one area. This list covers every aspect of my life. So if I know that I've got something that I need to achieve with my children, or something that I need to show up to for my children, that day, and that is non-negotiable, then it goes on the list.

If I know that I need to go swimming, because I've not been swimming for three weeks, and I need to go and stretch myself out and have an hour in the water, and just give myself that time, then that is gonna go on my non-negotiables list. But, again, remove any pressure from this exercise. It doesn't need to be another thing that you need to do. This needs to be the thing that you do so that you can get the best out of you and remove all the pressure around all the other stuff.

The other stuff on the list, other stuff on the priorities, yeah, it's nice to have. But the main things to be going on that non-negotiables list in the morning, so that you know, no matter what happens that day, those are your things to put your focus into fully.

And then the third part of this, really cracking down and getting clear with your focus and being able to laser hone it when you need to, when you've just got pockets of time that you're coming in and out of.

Maybe you're in and out, in and out from work, and then you're out with your kids, and then you've got all this other stuff going on, you've just got these windows of time, is to be kind to yourself. And that's why I created my non-negotiable list, because I needed to start being kinder to myself, and take off the pressure. But, in order to do that, I've actually got to start being kind to myself. So it's no good doing a non-negotiables list and then beating myself up about keeping to it, and stuff, because I know I've put stuff on there that's just too much to be on my non-negotiable.

Yeah, it's nice to have, but my non-negotiables are things that, no matter what, have got to be done that day. It's like these are the, I don't know, like the stake in the ground things that need doing. I can make that list as long or as short as I want. It depends how kind I am being to myself. Which is why I do it on a daily basis, because I know how I feel that day when I get up, and I'm looking at my list, or I'm looking at what I've got going on, looking at my schedule, looking at my calendar, knowing what I've got going on that day, I know how much extra stuff I can take on and how much I can't. And I also know if I'm not feeling 100%.

Maybe I just got up and I'm not feeling 100%, I'm feeling a bit tired, and I'm gonna be kind to myself. I'm gonna give myself a bit of time out today. That's going on my non-negotiables list, that I'm getting an hour to do what I want, whether it's binge Netflix, or go for a swim, or walk the dogs, or just have some fresh air and sit by myself and just have that space to be.

Anyway you look at it, I am adding in that level of kindness because I think full focus, for you to create a business that has this focus, that has this drive, that has this always taking actionable steps that are impactful and that are making a difference to your business, then you have to be kind to yourself and you have to look after yourself first, so that you can show up with that 100% energy, and with that 100% attitude to achieving what you want to do and helping others achieve what they want to achieve.

So, that really is my three top tips, three areas, to look at starting to develop habits in so that you can really laser hone your focus and, in turn, create your consistency in your business, that you need. You know, all these things work together in harmony. When one of the pieces is out of place, it makes all the rest of it more tricky, more, I wanna say stickier, I don't know why, but it does feel a bit like that, a bit sludgy and difficult. And I don't want it to feel like that for you. I want it to feel easy and aligned. And I want you to feel like you're acting with purpose and you're moving forward in everything that you're doing. Because that really is the key, isn't it? To feel like you're achieving something within this thing that you're so passionate about and that you know helps so many people, and is gonna make this big difference.

So, I hope that this video helped you today. Tomorrow, we are gonna be talking about getting more traffic, getting your followers narrowed down, and really figuring out quality over quantity when it comes to audience. And I'm gonna help you with some key areas and some key struggles that you've put to me, around this. So that's what we're gonna be talking about tomorrow. Until then, much love.