Flat-lay Photography for Bloggers!

Flat-lay Photography for Blogs

How to take your blog flat-lay photography up a notch?

This is something I get asked about all the time.

We are literally obsessed with flat-lay images that seem to have taken over social media. So I thought I would run through some really simple and easy-to-follow tips that you can just imply at home.

From flat-lay photography of products, workspace, clothing, food, books… (the list is endless!) to knowing the best angles

Plus! Everything I talk about today is going be completely possible, just by using a smartphone.

What you’ll learn in this episode?

  • Equipment - DSLR or Smartphone for flat-lay photography? Myths Debunked!

  • Backdrops. From wooden floors for a dark contrasty look to painted wallpaper - simple advice hacks and tips on picking the right background for your blog photo.

  • How you can create easy and effortless AMAZING blog photos even if your house is full of neutral cream carpets!

  • How to bring your brand identity colours into every instagram photo

  • Styling props for instagram blog photos and stock images

  • How to tell your brand story in your blog photographs

  • Lighting for the flat-lay photography win!

  • My Top secret Pro Tip that will change EVERYTHING about your photography

  • My final tip for you is a pro tip, and this is everything.