How to create consistency in your blog business?

How to create consistency in your blog business

So today I'm going talk to you about consistency. It's something that I've seen come up a lot, talking about, how can I produce consistent content? How can I consistently show up online? Post on social media, how do I consistently put out blog posts?

Consistency, we all know, is the key to success, all right?

There's no denying that doing something consistently is always going to return better results in the long run.

But the issue that I'm seeing, and that I'm hearing from you guys, is that you just don't know how to get that consistency into your life, and into what you're doing.

So I thought, instead of jumping on and talking about why you need to be consistent and how it's this most important thing that you can do, and you've gotta show up consistently, you know I say that a lot. I write it a lot in my blogs and I talk about it a lot in the podcasts.

Instead, I wanted to really help you understand how you can create consistency in what you're doing, without beating yourself up about it all the time, without feeling like you're not good enough, or you're not doing enough, or what you're doing just isn't right, okay?

So, that's why I've come on to talk to you today. So what I see a lot is, we sign up to several different platforms, so we've got a blog going, or we've got an online business, or a business, and we're on loads of different social platforms, and we're kind of halfheartedly on lots, so maybe we're on Twitter, maybe we're on Instagram, maybe we're on Facebook, maybe we're on LinkedIn, maybe you're Snapchatting, maybe you're trying to do YouTube videos.

Okay, so you're over lots and lots of different platforms. And yes, in the long run, the aim of the game is for your business to have as much coverage as possible, and spread your net as wide as possible, so that the most amount of people are getting to hear about you and your fabulous solution, but, at the start, and in the early days, and until you're at the point where you've got, you know, a whole team of people around you, then, one, choose one platform, okay?

One platform is key. Learn a platform, master it, and then, by all means, if you feel like you can give the same amount of effort and focus, move on and do another. Okay?

So, what I hear a lot, is, I can't post, I'm struggling to keep up with posts on social media, feeling like I'm having to post 10, 15, 20 times a day, spread out over all the different platforms, and the reality is, guys, and this might be hard to hear, because, for some of you, you think that the more you do it, the better results you're gonna get, but that's just not, it's just not accurate.

Social media is called social media for a reason.

We get on there because we want to be social. So, we want to waste some time.

We want to scroll through stuff, we want to watch a video, some slime being squished, or a sponge being shaved. Or, whatever, right?

We're on there to procrastinate, and waste some time, and just to consume something that removes us from our immediate reality, that's going on around us. So, when your clients, when your customers, when your people are on social media. They're on there looking to be social. They're on there looking to be entertained, and to have a great experience.

They are not on there for 15 posts from you, in one day, promoting all different things in their face. They're not on there for that, and what will happen, is, they won't click through to any of them, and then, the algorithm will take them away from seeing your stuff, okay?

So that is, it's not productive, it's counterproductive. The aim of the game to get engagement, okay? Is to get people talking to you, and to get people interacting with you, and loving and liking you, as a person, and as a business, and, in order to do that, yeah, you need to show up consistently, so people know that they can expect you to be somewhere, but not in a huge, ridiculous quantity or volume, okay?

It's just not necessary.

So, think about that for a minute. Let it soak in. What are you doing when you're on these different platforms? Which platforms are you on, and what are you doing on them? What is the thing that drives you there? Are you just there for an exercise to promote your blog, or promote your business? Or, are you there because you love interacting on there, and you're really big on that platform?

You really understand it, you really enjoy using it, and it lights you up to be there.

Think about that each time you go on a platform, okay?

So, the next version of consistency that I find people struggle with, is, producing consistent content, and again, it's the exact same issue, in my opinion, it's quantity.

People are choosing quantity over quality. Now, blog posts, producing blog posts that work is an art. It's a skill. Okay? You have to understand FCO, you have to understand how to write a great piece of content, you have to understand how to be visually engaging. There's lots and lots of skills that come into play when you put out a blog post, or when you put out, you know, a piece of information on your website for your clients, for your customers, okay?

So, there's a lot of things that come into play with that. You cannot fully focus on doing that every single day, at the start, you just can't. It's near impossible. Yes, you can write a documentary type account of what's going on in your life, but if you really want your blog posts to work how they need to work, so, to be optimized, and being found on the search engines, to generate you all that traffic coming in, and, to be conversationally interesting, when you're posting out the thumbnail, and sharing it around to be visually appealing. All of those boxes to be ticked, then you need to give them a bit more focus, time, and effort.

So, a question I see a lot, is, should I write five blog posts a week, or, I'm struggling to put out three posts a week. I'm struggling with it, I'd really like to go down to just one post a week, or two posts a month, whatever it is.

There's no hard, fast rule here, about how much content you need to be putting out, first of all, okay? It completely is going to depend on your audience, and the team that you've got around you, how established your business is, what support network you've got, what help you've got, in order to be able to produce high quality content, every time you put it out.

So, the consistency comes into play, here.

Are you being consistent with your, the work you're putting in on your posts?

So, your search engine optimization, your visual appearance of your posts.

The quality of your content, and what you're writing about.

The fact that you've taken the time to go and promote it, and put in links, and the let people know who you've linked to it, all of those things take time and effort, and the quality of you doing that is so much more valuable to you as a blogger, and you as a person, than trying to get, you know, 10 posts out every single week, it's near impossible.

So, consistency when it comes to writing blog content comes from consistently delivering on the quality level that you are promising your ideal customer, your ideal reader, okay? It's consistently delivering on what they expect. And, if they're expecting a weekly blog post from you, and that's what they want, that's helping them the most, put out the weekly blog post. If they're consistently expecting a monthly blog, put out a monthly blog post, okay? I don't want you to, or anybody in business, to have any more pressure than necessary, okay?

We've all got so much pressure when you are running your own business. There's always a lot of pressure on you to succeed, in whatever that means to you. We all have different measures of that. And, being consistent, I am not gonna allow this to be an excuse for you to put more pressure on yourself, because you need to be consistent. Consistency is something that comes easily and naturally, the best quality way that you can, okay? In the way that best represents your business.

So, take a deep breath about consistency, all right? Yes, consistency is the key to success. If you are consistent and persistent, you will get anything that you want in this world. Consistency is not a reason for you to sit back and have an excuse that you've got too much pressure on you, because you need to be consistent, okay? Be consistently brilliant, okay?

Show up every day if that's what you want. Show up every week if that's what you want. But, do it consistently.

There is no set way that you have to be. You can be whatever you want to be. You set the bar on this. You set it for your readers. If your readers want you 10 times a day to update your Instagram stories, then that is where I suggest you put your focus.

If your readers want you to put out one blog post a week, just, you know, highlight, maybe a fashion blogger highlighting all your outfits for the week, rather than a day-by-day blog post, but you're documenting it on Instagram day by day, no brainer, okay? Do what your audience is demanding of you and wants to consume from you, because that's the most important thing. And, do what feels good for you.

Don't be led by anybody else, or anybody else's views of what you should or shouldn't be doing, always deliver on your brilliance and your promise and your quality that you put out into the world, and that is the only thing that you need to worry about being consistent on, okay?

And, the last thing that I'm gonna cover around consistency, is, consistency with visuals. So, I think we all think, oh, I've chosen one color, and I've got to stick with that color.

Branding is a feeling, it's a experience that we create for people.

Your brand tells someone what you're about, just by looking at, just by looking at you, okay? It's the thing that, if somebody sees it, they already know what to expect from you.

It's a perception that you create. It's an experience and a promise that you deliver on. And, it's something that is beyond words, and is beyond visuals, really, because it is a perception that we put into someone's mind of us.

'Cause, that's what you're aiming for. You're aiming for someone to say, hey, that's Jade Hicks, and they know instantly what Jade Hicks means, okay?

You know, think about Coca-Cola. If I say Coca-Cola to you, you instantly have, it takes you somewhere, you instantly have an experience, you know what to expect from that word, okay?

So, think about that. What experience are you providing?

So, if you are consistently putting out your visuals, and you're all over the place, and they don't make sense, they're not experiential, they're just whatever you found that day that looks a bit pretty, it doesn't make sense. Deliver on the experience you want to give. If that's all about helping other mom bloggers, you know?

Maybe you're a mom blogger, and you're helping parents take a more chilled out view to going out to eat. Maybe that's what it is, empowering parents to eat dinner without stress. Then, your image is gonna want to be relaxing looking. They're gonna want to be fun. People are gonna want to be able to step into it, and imagine themselves as that person.

So, that's what your images need to give out. It's not so much about the color you use, but as the feeling that you give. and, I'm not saying that branding isn't about colors, your branding is very strongly about that visual identity that you create for yourself. But, much more is about the experience that you tie to that, and you can play about with the way that you then create that experience, with your visuals, okay? So, I hope that makes sense.

And, I hope that helps some of you that are struggling with consistency as being one of those things that stopped you moving forwards right now, because you feel like you need to be consistent, but you don't know how to be, and you don't want to be consistently wrong.

I'm seeing this a lot. So, I hope this helps, and I will be on, again, tomorrow, and to talk through another issue that I've seen coming up a lot, and this is all around focus and energy, okay?

So, we're gonna be talking about how you can really narrow down what to focus on each day, so that, it doesn't pull all your energy out of you, and you're able to achieve the things you need to achieve, on that daily basis, to move forwards.

So, until then, much love.