Can I make money from a blog?

Can I make money from a blog?

Hey! So in today's show I am answering the question,

can you make money from a blog?

I saw a really interesting article today that said a survey had found that 9% of bloggers are making between 1000 and 10000 $ a month and only 4% are making over 10000 a month.

Most of the bloggers surveyed were making less than £3.50 a day!!!!

That’s nuts isn’t it!

But i am not surprised that those results were found.

I meet bloggers every single day, and online business owners, who simply aren’t making any money in their blogs and businesses.

And they aren't ok with that. But they seem to accept it.

And this is really why I wanted to answer this question for you.

Can you make money from a blog?


OMG Yes!

You can make as much or as little as you like. I truly believe and have from my experience seen this to be true.

I feel like the real question here should be do you WANT to make money from your blog?

Because if you do then great there are tonnes of ways you can monetise your blog and fast!

If you squirmed a little when I asked you that question, then there is something deeper going on here.

Why do you feel like your blog can’t make money for you? Why have you accepted that you aren’t going to make money from your blog?

It is a really common struggle I see a lot of bloggers facing, thinking if they haven’t got ads running and giving them thousands of dollars a day then they never will be able to make any money from their blog.

And as you have probably heard me speak about before. The REAL work that needs doing here is a mindshift around exactly what your blog is.

Your blog is a business.

Plain and simple.

If you treat it as a business - you will make money.

I know you are driven by passion and purpose i know you have a message and a journey you want to share - your tribe need to hear your message, they need your solutions to their problems and they want to pay you for helping them!!

So get clear on the foundations as every business must do.

Know who you are and who you are talking to and how you help them

Solve problems.

Let people pay you for your solutions.

It really is that simple.

Now let’s look at a few ways you can make money in your blog

  • I know a lot of you guys are aware of ads, sponsored post opportunities and affiliate links

  • You can also sell services - anything you are brilliant at it could be transcribing audio. It could be editing photos it could be coaching on something. Anything and everything

  • You can sell products - books, music, merchandise, recipes, prints and artwork - this list is endless

  • You can sell digital offerings - ebooks, presets, courses, membership sites and subscription groups - whatever comes naturally to you.

There are a tonnes of options - there really is no limit.

Whether you are blogging as a business or a business who is blogging there are so many ways you can utilise your blog to make money!

As much or as little as you like.