How do I use images to attract blog readers on twitter?

How do I use images to attract blog readers on twitter?

Hey guys! Todays episode i’m answering the question;

how do I use images to attract readers for my blog on twitter?

Twitter is an AWESOME platform for connecting bloggers to potential ideal readers!

And twitter also has another really fantastic use - PR, media and brands LOVE to hang out there!

Twitter might not seem like a hugely visual platform, people love to read short to the point tweets and use the platform for communicating and tweeting others really easily.

But as a business and a brand you are losing out if you are not utilising ALL of twitter's features!

Yes this includes live video, yes this includes videos and photos.

So HOW can you really make twitter work for your blog business?

From my podcasts and blogs around working with brands im sure you will already be aware that brands and partners are already window shopping for influencers, bloggers and other online businesses.

They are actively out there looking for you.

Without giving you a chance to prepare a polished and fancy media kit.

They are seeing you raw and real.

How are you showing up?

Are you showing up at all?

It might not seem important right now, if you think little to no one is watching but trust me as a business online you always have potential customers and partners looking for you.

So that in mind let's talk about how you can optimise your twitter profile visually.

  1. Name - is it clear who you are and what you do?

  2. Banner - does it have a call to action i.e website and is it clear who you are and what you do?

  3. Have you created a pinned post that helps traffic people who come to your profile to the most relevant place? Is this easy to work out and clickable?

  4. Profile Image - is this a clear and accurate image of you / your branding?

With all these points are you thinking about being consistent across the field?

Are you using the same colours in your images and graphics so people instantly know it is you?

Consistency on social media is key. We know only a very small percent of those who follow us see our stuff so it almost seems like you want to throw in the towel and say what is the point to putting in the time and effort it takes to create consistency and professionalism across the platform.

But trust me it is so worth it!

Yes only a small percentage see ALL our stuff, BUT that percentage if it is of the right people is all you need for a thriving and profitable business.

Let’s explore how you can visually attract the right people with amazing images!

Showcase your quality

Use your images to show off the quality you put into everything you do, brands particularly are looking for partners who are working at the same level as them quality wise - why would they spend their marketing budget on you when they have invested ££££’s in photos and videos and visuals and you don't appear to value them at all?

Showcase your unique personality

Use your images like a shining beacon to attract people to you and in turn your blog site!

Post quirky shots that get people talking! All social media is about conversation but twitter especially is about strong view points and debate! Get the tongues a wagging and stir up intrigue with your images!

Showcase your expertise

Tell people things they don't know!

Use your images to educate and entice people into learning more. Post photos that have IMPACT and that your people want to know more about. Show them how much you know and how you can help them with great visuals that make them want to know more!

Showcase your story

You have a unique story. It is only yours. Only you have experienced it.

Use your images to share tiny parts of your story. Again create intrigue and connection from sharing an experience, a moment and strongly sharing your view on it.

Remember twitter is king of the short caption so let your images do most of the talking and use your caption to draw people into engaging with you.

One final tip for using twitter as a blogger is to get involved!

Engagement is everything, people want to know you they want to know you are a real person AND they want a real level of customer brand interaction.

Give them INCREDIBLE customer experience and service by high fiving them when they support your posts.

Brands will be looking at how you are interacting with your followers and your commenters because if you aren't offering on par customer service then why would they want to position themselves around you?

Create a community and love them hard, use your visuals to attract and instantly connect with the RIGHT people and then engage and help them with their problems.