All You Need To Know About Productivity And Wellbeing.

All You Need To Know About Productivity And Wellbeing.

Productivity and wellbeing are at the top of mind for a lot of the bloggers I work with.

I am constantly asked the same questions around how do you do it all, how am I supposed to juggle all these things? Looking after a family or working full time in another career alongside building your dream blog into a business and having the maximum impact spreading your message, it is undoubtedly a juggle.

Joining me for this weeks #weeklyBrandFabguest is Jes Dickerson of who is passionate about helping people understand that productivity is tied to wellbeing.

During this episode Jes shares her tips and advice around taking care of yourself to achieve maximum productivity. Living in a time where “busy” is used as a status symbol Jes shares her key takeaways to help stop you getting caught in the trap of being busy and start using productivity to enhance living your life.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

Jes Dickerson is a professional life coach who specializes in helping women who are overwhelmed with life. Those that are doing things all day long for everyone else, and never for themselves. Those that are working harder and harder and seeing fewer and fewer results.  Women who know that there’s more out there for them, but they have no idea how to bridge the gap from here to there.