All You Need To Know About Influencer Marketing

All you need to know about influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new concept.

Spoiler alert - Influencer marketing has been around longer than you!

For generations people have been used at the front of “campaigns” to influence the decision of others,  politics, buying decisions there is always an agenda for getting a person to sway one way or another.

In 2019 the difference is we have a HUGE bonus to the impact influencer marketing can have on businesses. Social media and the internet have created the perfect environment for social shopping and selling.

As bloggers, you are working your little cotton socks off to build an amazingly engaged, loyal and adoring audience who LOVE your content and actively seek you out to help them solve their problems. And this has value.

Today I’m joined by Veronica Jeans, E commerce business mentor and marketing expert to share her views on the other side of the conversation. Veronica works with brands to help them build sustainable and profitable businesses and utilises the services, audiences and skills of influencers in different industries.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The #1 turn off for brands who are looking for social media influencers to create partnerships with.

  • The ULTIMATE way you can stand out to brands who are silently shopping for the perfect influencer for their product / service / experience.

  • How screwing up your communication is the sure fire way to bury a brand relationship in an instant?

  • The exact process brands go through to choose and reach out to the influencers they think will be a great fit.

  • Want to work with more brands? The TOP thing that will get you noticed and create a long term relationship right now.

  • How your personal branding is going to supercharge your chances of success and longevity in your brand partnership relationship?

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