3 Secrets to supercharge your blog visibility

3 Secrets to supercharge your blog visibility

Hey so in today’s episode we are talking about 3 secrets to supercharge your blog visibility!

What do you mean by visibility?

Well the official definition of the word visibility is

the state of being able to see or be seen.

the degree to which something has attracted general attention; prominence.

Prominence and being able to be seen

Let’s face it

No matter how amazing life changing incredible powerful emotional whatever your content is.

If no one sees it who is it helping?

I know for a lot of new bloggers who are getting into blogging the concept of hiding behind the fact your blog isn’t getting many views feels comfortable for you because maybe confidence wise you aren’t ready for a huge influx of the public in getting all up in your life - but to achieve success with your blog biz you need to help someone with their problem so they need to be able to find you and see you and know your solution, your story whatever that it exists and it is out there to serve them.

So I’m going to share my 3 secret tools you can utilise to start supercharging your blog visibility

In this episode you’ll learn

  • One of the MOST IMPORTANT factors you are completely forgetting when it comes to standing out to your ideal reader

  • How to easily get more attention on your social media and blog posts

  • My top Tip for stopping the scrolling behaviour of your social media fans

  • How NOT to burn through your list of followers