Branding for Bloggers


No more…

sitting in acceptance of a Blog that makes NO MONEY

No more…

feeling like your passion driven blog can only ever be a hobby

No more…

sleepless nights spent worrying over why your latest post isn’t getting the traction you wanted.


of bloggers just like you who want more,

who have made the decision that NOW is the time to claim your incredible idea and treat it like the profitable business it should be,

that will settle for NOTHING LESS than the MAXIMUM IMPACT you know your messages and stories will create.

Making money in your blog isn’t just about covering the bills and giving you a few extra $ in your pocket each month.

It is freedom for you to GO BIG and to be able to help as many people as you want.

And it all begins with CLARITY, in the knowing of who you are, what solution you provide and where you want to go!

Let me help you in your blogging business , as I have done countless others, to get;




Let’s together, create a KILLER STAND OUT BRAND that calls in your most ideal audience. So you can help them solve their problem and in turn build a SUSTAINABLE & PROFITABLE Blogger business.



“From working with Jade on the Branding for Bloggers program I have realised I have so many USPs that I hadn't thought of. I now understand the importance of having a clear brand and I was most surprised at the change of my mindset so quickly. I had been putting off planning more blog posts and this has made me address that and get it done! I most importantly, have learnt who my audience is which has really helped me to see the bigger picture.”



“I got an extensive Clarity model that wasn't about feeding me someone else's answers but made me take a long hard look at myself and my blog, my readers.. and it made me think of them as customers. And how anything I do has to work for me and for my customers - and my second customer which I have failed to realise are a customer, the businesses whose trade I feature.”



“I was most surprised that Jade was so personable. I thought it was just going to be another one of those funnel courses. Surprised Jade gave so much information and really got me thinking about what I can offer. I felt empowered.’

So what's included?

In a nutshell…

6 week Program with LIFETIME ACCESS

Video trainings and downloads

Exclusive access to the program community

Weekly LIVE Q&A with Jade

Let’s break it down



The objectives of module 1 is to help you get clarity around your blog, your business and your branding.
This means you will be able to:
- accurately reflect your personality and your character
- Know what makes you different
- be clear on your beliefs, values and ethics so that you can reflect this in your branding and the way you attract your ideal customers. 
- get clear on your ideal customer Avatar by developing their specific profile as well what they want you to help them with.
- know exactly WHERE you want go so that you can map out the best way for you get there.


Design and Creation

The objectives of module 2 is to create a brand brief that you can pass to ANY creative you go on to work with OR DIY it yourself. All the info you need to communicate your brand accurately to anyone who works with you and keep you on track if you are designing and DIY-ing your stuff yourself. This cover, colours, fonts, photographs
This means you will be able to:
- pick out the most important keywords for your brand
- choose colours, fonts, patterns and photo styles to best communicate those key words
- understand how to use CANVA to produce graphics and branded material
- understand the purpose of a brand brief and the elements that make it up
- learn how to communicate with any creatives you choose to work with during your business journey.


Photography and Video

The objectives of module 3 are to understand how branded photography, videos and visuals will supercharge your recognisability, story telling and Impact as a business. You will learn about using on brand photography within your business, identifying the photographic style of your brand and when and where images can be used within your brand. You will learn about the different types and styles of images you can produce as well as the best lighting, poses, styling and and camera angles to achieve these. You will evaluate your editing process and understand the scrolling behaviour that exists online that your images need to be designed to impact. You will learn how to using images on your website and the basic social media platforms of facebook and instagram. You will learn how video can be used to supercharge your productivity and the best background, camera advice, poses styling and lighting to help you get started in video.
This means you will be able to:

  • Identify your photographic style and understand when and where images can be used within your brand.

  • Understand different styles and types of images and the best ways to light, pose, style and angle to achieve them.

  • Evaluate your editing process to make sure it helps reflect your brand strongly.

  • Understanding using images on your website and blog

  • Understand using images on social media, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Identify how video can make your content creation productive and understand the basics of producing a great quality engaging video, in terms of lighting, background, styling, posing and equipment required.



The objectives of module 4 is to:

  • Identify Long term and short term goals

  • Create a goal map and understand how to use them

  • Understand and incorporate a monthly, weekly and daily tracker

  • Identify what marketing activities, offerings and partnerships you want to carry out and plan out action steps accordingly

  • Create a media kit

  • Produce and understand content maps

  • Get clear on what content you need to produce to reach each destination on the content map.

  • Understand how to create and use a content planner to be productive and keep track of achieving your goals.


Social Media

The objectives of module 5 is to create a specific social media strategy for your business.

In this module you will learn:

  • which social platform is best for your business

  • what your objectives are for each platform

  • how to position yourself on each platform you choose

  • optimisation of each platform social profile

  • strategy for type of content to achieve a particular outcome on each platform

  • productive social content creation

  • 30 days of content creation hints and prompts


Implementation & 30 min call with Jade

The objectives of Module 6 is to implement your design and strategy into your business to create a brand.

  • List of places to change your colours and fonts

  • Square space instructional video - how to change your colours fonts etc on your squarespace site.

  • Setting up your chosen social platforms and making sure they are branded with right links etc.

  • Creating your offering

  • Collating the brands you want to reach out to / partner with ready to send your media kits - finding their names, addresses etc



Full Access to the 6 week program

Video trainings and downloads

Exclusive program community

Voxer Access to Jade throughout the first 6 weeks

30 Min 1-2-1 Brand Strategy Session with Jade