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Hello Gorgeous!

I’m Jade Hicks, Blogger Photographer and Creator of Branding for Bloggers.


How Can I Stand Out?

How do I get more views for my blog?

How do I get noticed on Instagram?

How can I get more blog readers and followers?

I know, with 1.8 billion websites on the internet and 1 billion of them being blog sites, it might seem like a minefield to get your blog noticed.

The truth is, with the right clarity, foundations and strategy you CAN easily get your blog noticed by all the RIGHT people.

In your blog business:

People = Profits

and it all starts with getting clear about;

  • What it is that the RIGHT people are looking for

  • How you can uniquely showcase this

  • Why they are going to click through to your content out of the millions of others to choose from.

Using simple colour psychology
you can easily identify what colours resonate 
with and best represent 
your blog brand.
— Jade Hicks

This is why I created my exclusive,

3 Step Framework To Choosing Stand Out Blog Brand Colours

Colours for blog brand identity

In this easy training video I am going to tell you exactly what you need to know to:

  • Get clear on what colours are going to attract your ideal readers and which colours are repelling them!

  • Understand the 3 mistakes you are making in your blog brand identity and how to easily fix them!

  • Cash in on the power brilliant brand colour choices for your blog business has on profitability!

This is perfect for you if:

  • You’re sick and tired of trying to find answers on your OWN and are looking for consistent content and advice from someone you trust.

  • You’re craving the opportunity to prove that your blog can bring in the $$$ and you’re ready to show the world how brilliant you are!

  • You might not feel 100% about your direction or niche but know you have stories to tell and a huge amount of people you can help.

  • You desire to create a life you dream of and have the impact you envision on your tribe or even the world!

And the best part?

I know this training is going to help you right now.

So much so I really want you to have it!

Which is why I am offering it at the lowest EVER price,

of just $9 today! Thats a saving of $88!

Blog Brand Colours Training
9.00 97.00

What exactly is Blog Brand Colours Training?

  • 3 Step Framework for Choosing Stand Out Blog Brand Colours

  • Introduction to Colour Psychology

  • Mistakes to Avoid when choosing your blog brand colours

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Blog Brand Colours Training
9.00 97.00
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