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Ready To Amplify Your Vision, Captivate Your Clients, & Create Your STAND OUT Brand?

If you are fed up with surface level branding programmes that promise the world but only provide confusion and feelings of inadequacy...

You’re in the right place. 



Is my all-inclusive branding program,

created to help Legacy Building Ladies learn


to build strong, dynamic, unique brands so they can

STAND OUT, get noticed, and get paid. 



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Women typically get connected with me when she needs to make a decision about who she’s going to be.

  • Will she choose to fade to black or step into her true calling and purpose?

  • Will she continue comparing herself to impossible standards or create a fabulous standard of her own?

  • Will she be crippled by fear and inaction OR realize that she DESERVES to offer this world her gifts?!

The women that get connected with me realize that the cost of being silent and unseen is far too steep of a price to pay. 

Do you know why they connect with me?


Because I used to be that woman that didn’t know if she was coming or going. 

I had immense talent that everyone was using but ME!

I was there for my family and friends.

As one of the UK’s premier brand photographers,

I’ve helped hundreds of women to find their lane and STAND OUT. 

All the while, with every day that passed I got more and more comfortable just doing well enough to get by.

My purpose was nowhere in sight.

This went on until I just couldn’t take it anymore. 


The truth is I was not meant to fade into the background...

  • I was not meant to just blend in. 

  • I had a voice.

  • I was working harder than anyone that I knew. 

& I deserved to be SEEN-- Just like YOU!

When I made the decision on the inside to STAND OUT on the outside my transformation was instantaneous. While it was not perfect and never will be it was ME!

So yes, you are here and that is no surprise to me. 

Why?  I prayed for you--that you would find me.



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My mission is to help women like you to re-discover and to uncover who you are so that the world has no choice to respect you first as a person and next as a legacy-building business owner.




In STAND OUT you will...

  • Get CLEAR on Who you are as a business, what you want your business to be and how your customers want your business to serve them. 

  •  Identify what makes you different from everyone else to give your business the best shot at getting noticed.

  • UNDERSTAND how to communicate your difference in a way that makes sense to potential customers.

  • Identify your brand promise and anchor it in your values and beliefs. 

  • Highlight your unique attributes to set your brand apart. 

  • Learn the psychology behind colors, their complements, and how to leverage them to attract your ideal customer. 

  • Finally understand the differences between colours and why there may be those better for your beliefs and your brand. 

  • Develop a brand voice that is sure to cement your legacy and place in your industry. 

  • Get familiar with the tenets of a healthy business with email lists and social media. 

  • Create your beautifully branded signature opt in that will help you to skyrocket your email list.

  • Gain recognition like the big brands. Get the keys to consistent branding and STAND OUT on Pinterest, Facebook, & Instagram.

  • Learn the fundamentals to creating a polished and approachable Linkedin profile. 

  • STRETCH! Apply everything you have learned through the course in an actionable, realistic, and challenging way. 




Course Curriculum

Module 1: Clarity


Module 3: Communication          

Module 2: Creation

Module 4: Challenge & Bonuses


About the Instructor

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I'm Jade and I Coaches and Entreprenuers Build 6 Figure Brands.

Stand Out, Get Noticed and Get Paid!

Let's work together to take your business to the next level so you can achieve your dreams.