Why you DON'T need a niche to increase your engagement

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As bloggers we're always looking for ways to increase engagement on our blogs and social media channels.

Finding your unique blogging niche might be one of the ways you've thought about doing this,

but is a blog niche really that important?

Can having a niche boost your blog traffic? Or is it just another thing to worry about?

What is a blog niche?

Having a niche for your blog simply put means knowing your audience. You want to have an engaged following for you blog, right?

You want your readers to keep coming back for more! Having a blog niche means honing in on the kind of content you are seeing the most engagement from, and focussing on that. For lots of bloggers, they might define themselves in certain blog niches like 'lifestyle' or 'health' or 'fashion' niches.

How is having a niche going to boost my blog engagement?

The idea is that by having a blog niche, you can start to position yourself as an authority figure for that type of content.

Maybe you have a great sense of personal style, and decide to focus your blog around fashion tips. Or maybe you love to travel, so focus just on sharing insider tips from destinations you visit. Now if I'm a reader of both blogs, I know which one I'd seek out advice from when planning my next holiday - the travel blogger obviously!

There are so many blogs out there that having a niche can provide a great way to focus your time and effort in increasing your visibility on one specific area, rather than trying to rise above literally every single blog going!

My blog engagement needs help - do I need a niche?

Now, there's no denying a blog niche can help focus your blog, and boost traffic for your particular blog niche. But! Don't fall into the trap of trying to pigeonhole yourself into pre-defined categories.

Most bloggers will have an idea of whether they want to focus mainly on lifestyle, or parenting, or business, for example. But to keep high organic traffic from your social media, and get lots of interested and engaged blog followers - you don't need to limit yourself! Why?

Blog engagement comes from deep connections

What is really going to set you apart from other blogs for your audience?

What have you got that no-one else has?

Here's the obvious answer - what sets YOUR blog apart from all the other blogs, is.....YOU!

Your unique voice, your personal experiences are all the strongest tools you have to increase the engagement with your blog audience, and build a strong and loyal following.

As people, we are not one-dimensional. Just because I like to travel, doesn't also mean I have no interest in health! And recognising that our readers are the same is the key to growing your blog traffic naturally, niche or no niche.

Social media engagement

The bloggers and influencers I work with all see increased social media engagement when they speak to their audience in an authentic voice.

Successful bloggers are those who have worked out exactly what it is they offer that is uniquely them. Your blogging niche doesn't have to be any one thing, it just needs to let your followers see the real you.

Social media is a great way to interact with your existing and potential audiences, to show them what you're all about, and to show them the true spark of what lights up your world. It doesn't matter if this is fashion, fitness or food or all three - as long as you consistently bring your unique voice, your audience will be drawn to find out more.

It's your blog - so just be YOU!

Ultimately, your blog niche will reflect whatever it is you are most passionate about.

Having a niche is not about agonising for ages about what to do, or what not to write about. Your blog does not have to just be any one thing. It just has to be all the best bits about you which make you special, and attractive and unique!

Having an overview of what type of content you're going to write about can help you focus, and find your niche, but it is not the be all and end all. The most important thing for growing your perfect blog audience is that you LOVE what you do, and that shines through in all your content. Your niche is just the place where you find your groove.