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Show your customers WHAT IT FEELS LIKE to work with you for the perfect personal brand

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Here is a quick review of the three key elements of image combination which makes up a strong, relatable and successful personal brand.


Use – Social media, especially LinkedIn, require a close up and recognisable headshot which represents you and your brand in a strong and authentic way.

On its own a headshot doesn’t make a personal brand, although it contributes to it.

Whether you want to go bright and bold or black and white and classic a simple elegant headshot will also have its uses.



Use – Conversion from places like social media or pages on your website which then direct towards your desired location for a content download, opt in, webinar or e-checkout for example.

Lead magnets and opt ins on your landing pages’ benefit hugely from visual cues driving people to your desired locations. This could be anything from a photo of you looking at the newsletter button or you might be pointing in the direction of your website sign up.

Funnel images are also vitally useful on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook where you may market within groups and need graphics to entice engagement.



USE – Build authentic connection and lasting bonds with your target audience.

These are the most important for building authentic connection with your audience. Showing them exactly how it is going to FEEL when they have the results they get from working with you.

This type of photograph varies from business to business, in order to be successful for one business may not be so successful for another.

So, your brand is how people perceive you and your branding is the vessel to getting your message out, embracing all of our brand values and beliefs to their fullest will keep you authentic and help build a strong foundation for your personal branding photo shoot. Use your shoot to highlight your unique values and showcase the results you clients will get by working with you for a fulfilled and thriving business.

Now, let me help you understand HOW you need to SHOW the results you can deliver for your customers, in your photographs