The secret to exploding your social and blog engagement

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Bloggers - are you struggling with social media engagement?

Maybe you're looking for a way to boost organic traffic to your blog?

You might have great social media follower numbers, but if this is not converting into organic blog traffic, there might be one key trick that you're missing.

Get visual

Online, you have about 3 seconds to make an impression.

Social media is a fast moving place - you are competing with literally millions of other blogs for people's attention.

In order to stand out on social media and generate clicks through to your blog, it is vital that your visual imagery is in top shape.

The goal is to make your social media highly 'clickable' for your audience. It's not just about stopping the scroll - you have to engage your audience, draw them in, and prompt them to want to find out more and visit your blog.

Blog engagement is king

You probably spend a lot of your blogging time perfecting your copy, which is great.

Strong blog posts are crucial to increasing the organic traffic to your blog - if your posts are well written, your audience are more likely to keep reading, to engage and to share your posts.

However, blogging is about more than just words. One mistake many bloggers make is to write great copy, and then tag on a low quality image, almost as an afterthought, and then wonder why their blog engagement is low.

Your images have to sing! If you are seeding out your blog content to social media to boost your traffic, make sure that your images are doing justice to your heartfelt copy.

The good news?

If you want to boost interaction on your social media channels, choosing well crafted, high quality images is just one more string to your bow. Your visuals need to be able to tell the exact same story as your blog, but in a much more instant way.

Your social audience are looking for beautiful, dynamic and interesting posts which will entice them to stop, to click, and to find out more. Bloggers who take the time to work on their imagery as well as their copy see their audience engagement supercharged!

Engaging on social media - just like real life

While blogging and social media all take place in the virtual world, using common sense principles from real life can really boost your traffic and engagement online too.

Think about normal social interactions, and what attracts you to people. Is it the exact type of coffee they are drinking in a cafe, or what their breakfast looks like? Or more likely, the way they carry themselves, the clothes they wear, a look, a smile, or the great way they've done their hair.

We are social creatures. Starting conversations online is no different to real life - you have to show up, be present and be open.

Imagine sitting in a cafe, wanting people to talk to you. Would you be hiding at the back? Or sitting up front, head up, making eye contact with people? The same principle applies to boosting your social media interactions. People will connect with you from a glance - how can they do this if you don't show yourself to them?!

Social media tips for bloggers

I've been lucky enough to work with some incredibly successful bloggers, who have built their personal brands into six figure businesses.

The thing these bloggers all have in common is the way they leverage their social media to drive blog traffic. If you want to explode your organic social media and blog engagement, follow these simple tips, and watch your blog traffic rocket:

  1. Be visible - Your audience want to SEE you! The bloggers I work with consistently see the highest engagement on their Instagram posts which feature images of them, along with a caption where they engage readers by storytelling, sharing the narrative in a real way.

  2. Tell a story - Think about the journey your images can take your audience on. A photo can show a snippet of a moment in time. By building these into a sequence, you can draw your audience in, and make them want to find out the rest of the story. If you are promoting a product like a swimsuit for example, think about using a sequence of images showing a great fun image of you enjoying the day, then maybe another of the suit from another angle or more of an action shot, and then another more relaxed having a drink.

  3. Use the carousel feature - A truly great image will stop your audience from their scrolling. If you back this up with something else for them to discover with additional carousel pics, you build the sense of discovery and engagement. Think about the sequence of your carousel posts too - how can they draw your followers in, and tell the story of what you've been doing?

  4. Be real - What is it in real life which draws people to you? The strongest bloggers and online influencers are those which feel authentic. Your followers want to see the real you, so think about what about you gets the conversation started offline - maybe it's your personal style, maybe an interesting tattoo, maybe it's the way you speak. By showing up as your true self, you will build engagement with your social media followers, and inspire them to find out more and seek out your blog.

So, ready to supercharge your blog and boost social engagement?