Why is it important for my brand that I identify my strengths?

Identify your strengths Jade hicks personal branding photograher


How often have you had a compliment on your creativity or your persistence or confidence only to brush it off assuming these traits come easily to everyone? The biggest mistake you can make as an entrepreneur is to fail to recognise your UNIQUE talents.  These unique characteristics set you apart from the crowd and make your brand DIFFERENT!


So, let’s begin…


1.     Ask yourself what are you good at?


2.     What aspects of your work do you love doing which also bring out the best version of you when you do it?


3.     What actives excite you?


4.     Now list down some of your passions, what things do you like to do? It is also useful to list the things you don’t like to do, maybe a hobby you didn’t particularly enjoy and evaluate why you didn’t enjoy it or don’t like doing certain activities. This will help clarify what and why you like doing the things that excite you and that you enjoy.


5.     Next ask yourself, if this was your dream life, what would you be good at? This helps identify the areas you are aware of which need improvement and aren’t necessarily your strongest characteristics. Being aware of this will help identifying your strongest attributes more easily.


6.     What could you see yourself doing, what appeals to you?


7.     Ask for feedback from colleagues, friends and even family, as many as you can and then look for patterns, common themes which recur throughout the feedback.


8.     Create a profile of your STRONGEST self using all the information you have collated.


This should give you a real insight to your strengths and the reasons why you can stand out in a crowd. Now is the time to own them and put them to good use with in your brand.