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Transformation 70 and fabulous photo shoot rutland lincolnshire
Behind the scenes photo shoot rutland Lincolnshire Jade Hicks Portrait Studio







When Sandra came to my studio with her three daughters all celebrating big milestone birthdays I was thrilled. She told me how the last time she had been photographed was on her wedding day a very long time ago. Sandra said she had stopped being included in candid family photographs after thinking she was too old and too heavy and simply being completely out of love with herself. 

I knew this photoshoot was so special. Tia and I made sure these 4 wonderful women were completely pampered and spoiled and knowing from our consultation that they had limited dresses from years of being afraid to pick up the sizes they dreaded we made sure we had the perfect selection to flatter them all. 








Everyone was immediately drawn to the sequin drawer! All four ladies delighted by the beauty of the glistening sparkles but all professing how they would never USUALLY wear anything sequinned..... 

Of course they put them on! and oh my don't they just look incredible! 

Mother Daughter Photo Shoot 70 and Fab Jade Hicks Portrait Photographer Rutland Lincolnshire

Fear of the unknown overcome, all of the ladies were smiling and laughing trying on and enjoying our beautiful selection of dresses. Giggling with each other and enjoying the incredible experience of being photographed with the people they love most in the world. 

When the ladies returned for their reveal, Sandra was very noticeably overcome with emotion. She was over the moon to have portraits with her daughters, deep down she had wanted them for many years, but she was also full of a sadness because she didn't think to have these portraits with her own mum included before she passed two years ago. Time moves by us so quickly, all the time we are thinking I'm too fat, too old or just down right hate ourselves. In two years you will be different to how you are right now but the thing you would love to have most might just be the photo of you and your family two years previously when you all felt happy, secure and loved or your family was still complete.

I am so privileged that I could give these inspirational women these images capturing how completely in love with each other they are right now, happy and healthy. They will last a lifetime.  

Transformation 70 and fabulous photo shoot Stamford Lincolnshire Grantham
Glamorous and Fabulous at 70 Photo Shoot Stamford Grantham Oakham Jade Hicks Portraits




Its always amazing to see the transformation people go through when they are pampered and celebrated, if you tell someone something long enough they start to believe it, being unkind to yourself is doing exactly that. Say a few kind words to yourself and watch as you transform.