Transformation Fab at 50

"I want to celebrate my 'big birthday' with my first professional photography session"

Same-Day Transformation Photo Shoot Lincolnshire and Rutland Fab at 50

When Hazel approached me about her photo shoot I was so thrilled. She embodies the whole reason I became a professional photographer, to help women exist in photographs for themselves and their families. To be able to look back on them and say WOW I look amazing and share their story with generations of their families and also to be able to have a photo shoot and look forward saying I am celebrating myself at this point in my life I can't wait for the next part of my journey. 

Twin Sister Photo Shoot Family Photographer Lincolnshire and Rutland

Hazel came to my studio with her twin sister, her older sister and her mum. All of these ladies had recently had significant birthdays and what an incredible gift to themselves to share a session celebrating each other and their relationships.

Family Generation Photo shoot Mother and Daughter Lincolnshire Rutland

Having 4 wonderful ladies in the studio at once was incredible and the bond between them was so beautiful.

Sisters fab at 50 makeover Photoshoot Lincolnshire Rutland

Hazel stood out to me, she has chosen a different path to her sisters and had never had an occasion where a professional photographer, or any photographer! had taken a proper portrait of her. I wanted to make this session one of the most special I have ever shot and I think from the images and the behind the scenes goodies you can see how much these amazing women enjoyed it.

Mother Daughter Photoshoot Fab at 70 Lincolnshire Rutland

It is so easy to forget to stop and take this time to celebrate who you are right now. 

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