Reclaim your identity

Hello 2017!

Over the festive period, you have probably taken countless pictures of your family enjoying the holidays; babies laughing; dad rolling about on the floor playing with them (or just rolling about on the floor!) and chasing them around the house; grandparents looking festive with their grandchildren at the Christmas table; brothers and sisters joking together, enjoying this priceless family time (and all those mince pies!)

Now take another look at those images. Something’s missing. You realise - for another year running - that you aren’t in ANY of these photographs. You must tell your man to start picking up his phone more and catch YOU when YOU’RE snuggled up with the babies reading bedtime stories or walking the dogs with the children on a glorious, frosty winter morning.

Uh-oh! No, hang on… cue your automatic checklist of all the things you want to change BEFORE you ever have your picture taken:

      That last box of Heroes has pushed you over the edge. Yep, you're officially 20lb heavier than you’d like to be.

      A good session at the gym is urgently needed to get rid of those saggy Aunt Sally arms

      Your roots! Your roots haven’t been touched up since the end of November and you’ve done way too much straightening and curling over the holidays. In fact, you’re pretty sure your hair might self-combust if it even gets near any heat sources, after the number of products you’ve blasted through it over the last month!

      And then there’s your skin … your skin is just so dry now, make up on, makeup off, makeup on, makeup … still on. Oops! Forgot to take it off for a night or two!

Makeover Photo Shoot Glamorous Hair and Makeup Lincolnshire Rutland Portrait Studio

That’s it. You make it your new resolution to dive out of the way, or hide behind the nearest large object when the camera so much as tilts in your direction.

Oh my gosh, haven’t we all felt this way? Haven’t we all thought “no one wants to see me when I look like this”? I know I have.

When I look back at family photographs, for six years of my life, with marriage, babies and everything else, I didn’t seem to exist. My children had no mum for six years, I’m not there. My husband had no wife. My mum and dad had no daughter. I simply disappeared. I was too fat to be in the photographs, I was too tired to be in the photographs, I was just not feeling photogenic … the list goes on and on.

But the reality is:

      My babies will want photographs of their mum,

      My husband does want beautiful pictures of his wife

      My mum and dad do want pictures of the wonderful, happy, amazing daughter they raised with her beautiful family

And this is why I became a photographer. My mission became very clear to me.

As women, we must stop fearing and hiding from cameras because we don't think we’re photogenic, pretty or skinny enough.

No one else notices our insecurities. They are OUR insecurities, everyone else is too busy loving and adoring us to even notice! The extra 20lbs makes no difference to the children who love their mother’s beautiful, irreplaceable smile. Those Aunt Sally arms are so busy hugging and bringing comfort to everyone around us, that no one cares that they aren’t replicas of Madonna’s slender toned limbs!

Do this for yourself. Have a photoshoot where you feel beautiful. One that captures who you really are as a woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur.

Reclaim your identity and indulge in your OWN power, where your unique beauty, sensuality and confidence naturally exude.

It’s time to RECLAIM AND OWN YOURSELF. It’s time to FEEL MORE CONFIDENT than ever before. Everyone around you will thank you for it. Your future self will thank you for it. Your family will appreciate it forever.

So stop avoiding the camera and waiting for the perfect time. The perfect time is now.