A Mothers Treasure is Her Daughter...

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When your daughter reaches school age it’s a milestone you won’t forget; they are so innocent and unknowing, nothing more than a big toddler.

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Fast forward 7 years and your daughter, your eldest child, is going into Secondary school! They are developing in to mini adults with all the joys of being a pre-teen quickly coming their way! The relationship between mums and daughters can be tricky at times, knocking heads together with the most precious person in your life, but fear not! We all go through it and we all come out the other side stronger!

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What better way to celebrate your story and welcome the next chapter than by spending a day together looking and feeling amazing enjoying each other’s company and laughing until you think you can’t laugh anymore! Plus, all the sequins a girl could ever need! The perfect confidence boost for her new adventure! 

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I hope you enjoyed my selection of favourites from this amazing session! Share you mum and daughter stories with me, tweet me directly @jadehickstog or email me hello@jadehicks.com, I love to hear from you! 

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To My Daughter,

Be Brave

Be Silly

Be Your Own Magic

Be Present

Be Full of Surprises

Be Adventurous

Be Kind

Be Free


- Author Unknown