Top Tips for Business Photography that has Impact

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I regularly get asked "where in my business would I use photography other than my social media profile image?"

The places GREAT photography is necessary in a business is endless, from your website to social media, literature, marketing, business cards to products photography can make a HUGE impact on the authenticity, attract-ability, and kudos of your business amongst many many other things. 

Here are my top tips to making sure your business photography will have the right impact for your business:

  • Hire an Expert and Budget accordingly! We can all change a lightbulb but that doesn’t qualify us to be an electrician

  • Make sure your photographer works with you to achieve the right vision for you and your brand and you’re sure they can deliver what you are expecting.

  • Expect to have a variety of images you can use for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING which may come your businesses way. A treasure trove of images readily accessible for all the curves your business has ahead will make everything so much easier. Have some beautiful stock images of your own created to brighten up your social media feeds and tie your brand beautifully together.

  • HAVE A CLEAR IDEA OF WHY WHO WHAT WHERE AND HOW YOUR BRAND CAME TO BE what your goals are and what are your core values? Spending some time with a business coach or brand specialist can help set out a clear view of the future and in turn this will lead to timeless images which represent your brand for years to come.

  • BE Consistent!! This is my most invaluable tip. Consistency across all of your business photography will mean a base of clients who trust and depend on you and in turn remain loyal to your business above all others.

Are you ready to make an impact in your business?