Dressing Your Body Shape - Hourglass

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The main features of gorgeous hourglass shape women are:

·      Bust and hops nearly the same size

·      Well defined waist – 9” and more, smaller than bust

·      Full Bust

·      Shapely Legs



Your Celebrity Body Double Twins are Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, Wonder woman and Carol Vorderman amongst many others!


It was once considered 36” / 24” / 36” was the PERFECT Figure and is EVERYTHING that the hourglass shaped ladies are about! They can vary and be larger or smaller but the ratio of having a smaller waist and identically sized hips and bust gives our hourglass beauties a VERY curvaceous figure.


Only 8.4% of women have an hourglass figure!


The Aim for Hourglass Women is to EMBRACE their curves and show them off in their perfect proportions!

Simplicity is the key – don’t overdo the ruffles, frills and accessories, your figure is attention grabbing enough.

The key to feeling amazing, in whatever you choose to adorn your hourglass divine shape with, is to reclaim your self-confidence and keep it simple!