How To Decide Which Platform Is Best For My Blog


Websites and Web hosting for bloggers, does it really matter?

Hey guys, within my communities I've had a lot of questions come in around websites to post your blogs on and web hosting for bloggers; heres a selection of a few of them:

  • Where best to start blogging from?

  • What is the best site to use for my blog?

  • I am in a position to look at paid sites for my blog What does people like about Wix? Is better? 

  • I trying to decide what platform to use for my blog/website. Wordpress of course. But wondering if I should do it on Showit, Squarespace or somewhere else. Any suggestions?

  • Can anyone help me out on what website to make my blog??

  • I started my blog last week and made my first post, but I’m wondering whether I might be better off making an Instagram blog, rather than my website blog? I’m worried that I will run out of content ideas and the drive to post on a website fast, as well as readership on both mediums.

  • What is the best platform to use to start the blog?

  • I’ve been setting up my new blog over the past two weeks. I only have a couple of blogs written and I plan on monetising it in the future. However it is a paid Wix site (mainly because my other business site is six and I was happy). Now I’m reading more and more that wix should be avoided.should I switch to something else at this early stage or am I being paranoid?

Now my personal opinion on this and I say it with love, is that it doesn't honestly matter, every site builder has its pros and cons there is no "perfect" choice.

Yes the tech stuff is important to learn but what is more important is getting out there and getting on with it.

Everyone likes different things and every option I believe can bring you the results you want - it all comes down to your strategy.

If you want simple drag and drop ease then Squarespace, Wix etc is ideal. If you want to spend a lot more time learning than doing then Wordpress is your go to.

One thing I will say is to have your own site.

If you don't want to pay for hosting then ask yourself whether your blog is a hobby blog just for fun or whether its a business you expect to make you some moolah?

If it’s just for fun then yes it can make sense to keep expenses down and remove any pressure,

If the later then you need to start accepting that businesses have expenses. and hosting is one of the most crucial ones!

Repurpose your posts into other places, medium, Tumblr wherever your ideal readers are hanging out and that you are actively loving using yourself - this is a great strategy.

But definitely have your own platform from which you write your blog.

So here’s your action steps:

  • decide WHAT you want every time you go to upload your blog posts - ease of use, lots of up front learning or done for you - set your budget and check out what is available to you within that.

  • decide WHERE you are going to drive traffic from - what platforms do you like hanging out on that are also harbouring your ideal readers.

  • decide HOW often you are going to post on your blog and create a workflow around repurposing / sharing that message on your ideal platform/s

Rinse and repeat.

Are you thinking about becoming an instagram blogger?

Here's a couple of reasons to rethink your strategy

  • Instagram is a platform that allows us the luxury of use for free.

  • Instagram sets the tone and chooses who is exposed to your content on the platform.

  • Instagram controls who has access to the accounts

In a moment your instagram account can be shut down and blocked off to you.

If this happens - even if you have created a backup instagram profile - all of your business will be gone.

Now, if you create a better strategy around your instagram blogging there is a really simple way that you can easily make sure  your hard work is always protected.

As I say above it's super important if not critical for you to have your own site.

And I say this because piggybacking on someone else's platform is NEVER a sustainable option for a business.

Creating your own online presence is key.

So think about creating your instagram content into a daily blog post on your own site and then repurposing it into your instagram shop window.

Drive traffic from your instagram to your blog for the full details of each post rather than just popping up on instagram with a really great post that people love and want to buy from and then losing that traffic straight to your affiliate link.

By sending them to your site you can build your own email list so if a platform collapses your hard work and your loyal tribe will all be safe and easily contactable via your own email list.

Want more tech info?

Here is a great article from Quicksprout around the best blogging sites for 2019

Let me know in the comments below how you decided where to start your blog. Maybe you are struggling with deciding on where to start your blog or you could be blogging on Instagram wondering if every day is the last - share with me below.