Grow your Influencer Brand with these life changing Blog tips


Hi gorgeous! How are things going with your blog?

Chances are if you're like most people, you're looking for that little bit of magic, that organic reach which will take your following into the stratosphere.

But finding organic blog growth can feel like an uphill slog sometimes.

What's the secret that everyone else seems to know except you?

If you want to make your blog profitable you have to build an engaged following, but for whatever reasons, it's easy to lose your mojo from time to time.

The good news?! You can get it back! Think about successful influencers like Kim Kardashian. She's built an incredible brand and has collabs coming out of her ears! Do you think that is an accident?


The truth is, building that organic reach to a point where brands are coming to you is totally possible.

You've just got to get intentional about how you do it.

People like Kim K and other high profile bloggers and influencers have a clear view on what they want to achieve. It might be a set number of followers. Or perhaps you have a figure in mind that you want to be earning from your blog.

The trick is that in order to achieve these long term blog goals, first you have to set them!

It sounds very simple, but you can't expect to be successful unless you are deliberate about it. And there's a few blogging tricks and tips which can make the difference between successful organic growth, and just standing still.

Influence with your imagery

One of the things all the most successful bloggers have in common is that they harness the power of imagery. Think about it - we're all visual people! Great images grab your attention in such an immediate way. A well thought out image can stop you in your tracks, and make you want to find out more without you even realising it's happening.

When it comes to growing your blog, you HAVE to make your images work FOR you, not against you.

What's your story?

If you know where you want to take your blog, you'll have a much better chance of getting there. Say for example you want to start gaining collabs with interiors brands.

You're going to need to build a following of people just like you who absolutely love gorgeous interior shots. It's not going to happen if you don't have that focus - sure you might get organic followers, but they won't be the kind of focussed, engaged audience that your favourite brands are going to be looking for.

You can use great images to take CONTROL of your own blog and brand story. You are in charge, so you set the tone.

Think about the settings for your images, and what story they will unconsciously tell people who find your blog. Do they look well thought out, and interesting? If you're still using sloppy, ad hoc shots for the bulk of your content, you're going to struggle to build the kind of consistency that's going to get you noticed.

Stand out

Being consistent doesn’t mean you can’t STAND OUT. I talk about this in more detail in my branding and influencer book, but by working with a professional, you can up level your images so that you really get noticed for the right reasons.

If you're trying to grow your blog, you're going to need a full suite of bold, captivating images. The kind of image that would make you stop scrolling. The kind of image that would tell a viewer - Wow! I want a bit of that!

I work with my influencers to plan and capture those impact shots - the headline images that offer their audience a special something they're not going to get anywhere else.

Keep the momentum

Once you start getting engagement and traffic, it's up to you to keep the momentum building, keep on giving your followers more of what they want to see.

Now here's where lots of people come unstuck. If you only have a short term focus, there's a risk you run out of quality content, and miss your moment to capitalise on your traffic boost.

Time management

The influencers I work with are SMART about how they plan their content. By working with a professional photographer to batch shoot the right content, you can create so much more value with the time you have.

Keeping a blog going can be a big time commitment. Being smart about planning in your imagery will free up that precious time to plan where to go next! Knowing that you have the perfect suite of images to follow up on high performing posts can be the difference between gaining or losing followers. So make it count!

Be proactive

If you're growing an influencer blog, you probably already have in mind certain brands that you'd love to work with. You can improve your chances of these collaborations by being smart about how you plan your blog content.

Think - is there a certain look or feel that your favourite brand consistently uses? What is their brand personality? How can you craft your blog content and images to match up with this?

Being proactive in matching your blog to meet the needs of your favourite brands is a smart way to boost your chances of growth.

Even if the brand collabs don't roll in straight away, by positioning yourself in their market space with your images, you're still going to appeal to the right audience.

Overall advice for growing your blog organically?

The most important advice I can give is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! \

You have to back yourself to succeed. If you give 100% to building your blog as professionally as you can, the end result will speak for itself. I know you can do it, so what are you waiting for?!