Are you feeling disconnected with your Business?



How to Confidently Connect with your Personal Brand

Are you noticing a disconnect between the business you want to build and the business you seem to be building?

Do you come up with idea after idea only for them to get rubbished because they just don’t communicate what you can see in your head?

Struggling to identify what exactly isn’t right?

Time and time again I have seen women in business struggle with true representation between their brand identity in their soul and the brand identity conveyed to their target market. It nearly always comes down to a lack of true representation of their brand through mixed and messy messages, graphics and colour schemes.

So, I am going to let you in to a little secret….

My top tip to a confident connection between YOU and YOUR personal Brand is to spend time discovering and refining a strict and consistent colour palette for your brand. No less than 3 colours and no more than 5, your choices need to reflect an accurate representation of your brand values, beliefs and status.

TAKE ACTION – Go and spend some time looking at what colours appeal to you, evaluate your existing marketing and brand literature, website images and social media to really recognise your use of colour there.

You will be surprised at the harmony, making this CONFIDENT CHANGE to conscious use of colour, will bring to you and your business.

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