Why are we so afraid of the camera?


You’re not alone! There is a science to it!


Our brains are marvellous things, complex engineering at its finest.

“The human brain can understand images in milliseconds and make decisions on that information in under a second.”

In order for our brains to function at such high speeds short cuts are created which use experiences, memory and expectation to form a representation of the world. We then use this to shape our behaviour and hundreds of tiny cognitive biases are created which cause disruption to rational thinking.

“We dynamically look for and put emphasis on information that suits this world view”

These biases help when in life or death situations but can entirely shape our perception of what is real and lead us to only see our faults on camera, this is called a confirmation bias.


It’s the habit we form to look for evidence that supports previously held beliefs. If one person has said you aren’t photogenic you will cling on to that. If 100 people say you are incredible on camera you will disregard them. Some people are constantly seeking out this negative criticism to back up their own adverse view of themselves. We want to be correct so we seek information to confirm our thoughts. If you think you are unphotogenic you will constantly be seeking proof of that when you view your images. YOU NEED TO AUTHENTICATE YOUR BELIEF.

My top tips for learning to shut down Confirmation Bias

-       STOP – Tell yourself STOP to give yourself the chance to address the thought and interrupt the cycle.

-       OBSERVE – What you are saying to yourself and how it is making you feel

-       SHIFT – your response by using positive techniques - SAY SOMETHING KIND and CHALLENGE THE NEGATIVE BELIEF.

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Let me know what your negative self-talk has been quietly saying to you each time you think about getting in front of the camera or are reviewing that last selfie you took, I love to hear about your CAMERA CONFIDENCE journeys email me at  hello@jadehicks.com or tweet me @jadehickstog.