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Blogger Photoshoot behind the scenes

I am asked all the time what do shoots really look like behind the scenes - So I thought I would give you an exclusive look at exactly what goes on during a blogger photography shoot for blog content, instagram images etc.

Firstly I will say that all shoots are unique! Not only in the styling of your blogger photo shoot but most interestingly in what each blogger or influencer is requiring from their photoshoot.

One shoot might need 100 images for the next 3 months on instagram whereas another might require 100 images for 5 blog posts reviewing items of sharing specific styling details of a look.

One blogger shoot might need images that are full length and very obviously and clearly show casing specific items, whether that be fashion looks or accessories like handbags and shoes, whereas another might call for all interesting more creative vibe images like birds eye view shots or laid back laughing candid photography shots.

From lifestyle photoshoots to the most trendy and edgy street style fashion photography every shoot truly is different and unique.

The biggest tip I want to give you before we get into the goodness of what I am sharing with you today, is that every shoot has the potential to be amazing for you and your blog business.

Setting you up with as much content as you want and (can fit in the time to sit down and think about beforehand). And that right there is the crucial tip I want to really nail home to you guys:

The more time you spend preparing for your shoot - even if you are shooting every week every day! The more you will reap the rewards!

Being completely clear on why you are shooting and what you NEED and want from each shot is critical to having an amazing influencer photoshoot experience.

I share my 20 tips to getting better blog photos in this article here, have a read as I think you will find this super useful.

So here we go with my roundup of some the first of my behind the scenes look at blogger photography shoots for content images and instagram photos.

A fashion influencer Photo Shoot behind the scenes


Becca is one of my favs to shoot with because she is so versatile AND she is fearless!

She loves nothing more than popping a pout in a luxury bathroom and texting me to tell me to come on in and grab a gorgeous shot for her!

Photoshoot behind the scenes influencer

Yes this might not be to everyone's preference but one thing I can say about every shoot with Becca is we have so much fun!!

We also have a very similar taste and eye for great locations so it's always amazing to catch up with Becca and share new finds, she is forever instagram tagging me when she finds something awesome.

Fashion blogger photoshoot

Check Becca out over on Instagram - she has most recently starred in yet another year of catwalk shows at every fashion week going!

This shoot was on a lovely late summer day, we started in the afternoon so the light was getting a bit less harsh which meant we were spoilt for choice with locations.

We wanted 3 very different looks and so planned in advance which would work best with the ever changing light.

Fashion influencer photoshoot

We shot in central London, Kensington around some of the beautiful little mews (with permission of the residents!) found a lovely cafe to die for, full of gold gilt, chandeliers and french charm and took the opportunity to grab a lush looking couple of drinks! (obviously we used them for some images after chatting to the owners about what the best looking refreshments on their menu was.)

Influencer photographer photoshoots London

A note to add here is that being a professional commercial model and TV personality Becca is super used to getting changed when and wherever.

If you haven’t prepared for your shoot well beforehand;

  • which location in which order,

  • what facilities there are,

  • which outfits will work best and make easiest changing situation ( a skirt to trousers is super easy because you can change without any issues),

Photographer for bloggers behind the scenes

then you are asking for the shoot to be stressful and inconvenient to all those concerned.

Yes I have created shoots where we have a pop up changing area available BUT this is never on anyone's door step. It is in  a discreet and private location where we can also leave some kit and an assistant to mind it.

When you are shooting on location you have to be aware of the safety or everyone involved - read more about this in my everything you need to know about blogger photoshoots article.

Fashion influencer content photography

This was one of my most fav shoots because of how perfect the weather, location and day in general went - it was so much fun, we fulfilled the brief with ease and i’m sure you agree the sense of how happy we all were really shines through in the images.

Blogger photographer fashion photoshoot

Photographer Kit list

Canon MK IV

Canon 70-200mm Lens

Canon 24-70mm Lens

Canon 50mm Lens

Hair and Make up artist

Maria McKenna

I’d love to hear your experience of having your very own photoshoot, maybe you have'n’t had a professional shoot yet and have some questions? Let me know in the comments below 👇👇👇