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Here is some helpful info about why your brand identity is so important

  • Your brand identity encompasses what your business stands for. It is the purpose, the mission, the look, the feel and the tone and voice of your company. It is the deciding factor in how your audience will interpret you. There is a science to choosing brand colours, name and logo and without spending serious time thinking and making these decisions carefully you will struggle to build the business you are dreaming of.


  • The first and most important question you should be asking yourself is WHY. What is your mission as a company and why are you doing it? Your customers care about what they are buying. They truly care about companies and their values and the majority of the time they chose their products and services based on those values. You need to write an emotion provoking true to heart mission statement and live and build your brand by it.


  • Try and limit your Core values to 4 or 5 - the first should be what you stand for, the second how you want to operate to make a profit.


  • Ask yourself - What colours represent you? What colours represent the mission and core values of your business? Have a look around and see what other people have included in their businesses and make a list of what you like and are attracted to and what you dislike. Make a note of how these other businesses are talking to their customers and engaging with them, what about their tone do you like and what do you dislike? 


  • Ask yourself what do you want your business to be? How do you operate and deliver this message to your customers? This will help you find your voice and build a structure which will facilitate building your business.


  • Sit and consider your Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (see my blog on strengths,). Now do this for your competition or others operating in the same Niche as you. Ask yourself what are they doing well and where can you improve and do something better? Put the strengths and opportunities on the left and weaknesses and threats on the right. When your finished the column on the light should be bigger than that of the right and if it isn't you must ask yourself why are you doing it? Be honest and clear this exercise can transform your business building. 

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